January 15, 2016

Third time's a charm??

Apparently, we are either cursed by the feeding-tube fairy or we just have really bad luck. This week was pretty rough on us and little Meili. After a very traumatic placement of the second feeding tube last week, we have had nothing but trouble. It worked well for about 24 hours before we started getting "line clogged" errors from the pump. A good nurse-friend came and helped us get it unclogged and we thought we were in the clear, but it only got worse from there. We began to think it may be kinked inside her stomach, since we really couldn't find any reason for such frequent clogging. By Wednesday night it was error-ing every 15 minutes and since we only run feeds at night, this was making for some very frustrating, sleep-deprived nights for us. 

We went in on Thursday morning to have an x-ray and discovered that, as we had suspected, the tube was coiled in her stomach again and it did appear to have a place where it may have kinked as well. The tube that was placed locally was a completely different kind of tube than U of M had placed, and since the U of M tube worked well (before it got pulled), and because of our horrible experience here,  Miss Meili is back at U of M today getting her third tube placed.

Prayers appreciated that this will be her LAST tube and that it will function correctly and we can get this weight-gain thing back on track!!


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