December 29, 2015

24+ hours in and an AWESOME surprise

Whoever it was that told me to bring my own pillows and blankets from home, thank you! The sleeping arrangements for Mom and Dad are definitely far from ideal, and it's pretty hard to replace a comfortable, familiar pillow! We managed to get decent sleep last night which is better than we were expecting! We also found out today that staying until Saturday is the expected "far" end of our stay. If things continue to go well, only a couple more days may be necessary. It doesn't shorten our time by much, but we'll take what we can get!

It seems like we should be spending the day just trying to pass time, but we do get interrupted every four hours for vitals, every four hours (not the same interval...of course) for feed checks and every 12 hours for lab draws, in addition to rounds by the attending physician, the resident physician and Meili's dietician, and the nurses checking her "output." Even though we're essentially doing nothing, it seems like our room is pretty busy!

We've had some really helpful Child & Family Life advocates as well. In the past my experiences with them weren't so positive because it seemed like they relied solely on shoving an iPad in front of Meili for distraction. The ones we've had here have been much more willing to employ different tactics and, not surprisingly, have been much more successful. Before Meili had anything done yesterday, she and the CFL advocate did a full procedure on Puppy.

Jon has been enjoying the fact the view from our room looks directly at the new Vikings stadium. I will admit, it's uniqueness does make it interesting to look at (for a while ;) ).

Grandma Maggie must've figured out it would be hard to keep a 5 year old entertained for so long and sent us with a present to open every day. Thank you Grandma! They have been really helpful and so far have distracted Meili for well over an hour each time.

She's getting MUCH more used to her tube, which we were told would happen. They say the first 24 hours is pretty rough, but after that it becomes more tolerable. She hasn't complained at all about it today, and even seems to kind of enjoy pushing the whole apparatus around. They also started letting her have apple juice, which has helped the "I'm hungry" issue IMMENSELY.

We also managed to make some use of the Play Room today, and Meili had the whole place to herself which helped us kill a couple hours as well.

But the BEST part of today was definitely our visitors. One of the families that we travelled to China with when we adopted Meili happened to be here in the Cities visiting family for Christmas. Thankfully, they saw our blog post yesterday and contacted us last night. We haven't seen any of the families in person since we left China, so it was a HUGE blessing to be able to spend a couple hours with them and their daughter Omi.

Are they cute, or what?!!

Omi is just a few months younger than Meili, and today was actually her birthday but she brought a gift for Meili so she could share the joy. Meili is in love with her new bear, and the especially with the card Omi made her. She is very protective of it and tells all the nurses "don't touch my card from my friend!" It was so nice for her to have someone to play with for a couple hours, especially someone so special!

Just for fun, here's a little throwback to the last time they were together...

...things have changed, very much for the better!

Thanks Joel, Angela and Omi, for making today so much brighter!

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  1. Omi is not too much taller than Meili!