January 22, 2015

Stitch Fix #4: Why haven't you tried this yet!?

Admitting how much I've been enjoying the Stitch Fix online styling service is kind of like coming out of the closet for me. I drive a minivan. I have four kids. I work at a church. I'm cheap.
There's absolutely nothing about me that screams style.

I think that might be why I enjoy it so much. It makes me feel fancy. (Apparently, I'm easily amused)

Fix #4 was my favorite one yet. I'll tell you why in a minute.

People keep telling me, "I'd love to try it, but I'd never spend that much on clothes."
I get it. Each piece individually is more than I'd usually spend too, unless it was something that I was ready to die on a hill for and never live without.

But here's the deal. The experience is just fun. There's a $20 initial investment for the styling service (which goes toward your purchase if you buy something). It's worth the $20 price tag just to have the fun of enjoying items picked out just for you, and delivered to your doorstep for you to try on and mix & match in the privacy of your own home. So if you try it and love it, and share it with even one friend, Stitch Fix gives you credit.

I managed to rack up a decent amount of credit, and everything I've kept in my previous fixes has been FREE. FREE ya'll! If I divide the initial investment by the number of item's I've kept, I'm at about $9 each. That's my kind of pricing!

And, Stitch Fix is getting pretty good at styling me, so that definitely adds to the fun-factor.
Here's how to make it work well for you: Last month, I ran across this blog from a Stitch Fix pro about how to get the best Fix possible. Using my Pinterest boards, I got very specific about things I liked and didn't like and the way I left feedback. This fix was a ton of fun, and scored me one of my absolute favorite pieces so far.

So seriously....what are you waiting for!? If you're ready to try it, check out the linked blog above and update your Pinterest boards. Then, request a fix (and use my link if you're so inclined :) ) --- https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3372263

On to my last fix!

Fortunately, I didn't have to take my own photos this time. We've lived in our new place for 5 months, and somehow Jon didn't think to convert the corner of the unfinished basement into a photo studio until a couple weeks ago. As terribly uncomfortable as it is for me to pose for him to "practice," it's worse to try to shoot photos of myself with my phone. These are at least a little better than my awkwardly shot selfies.

The first item was the Leah Paisley Print Scarf  by Octavia.
This was it. This is the PERFECT scarf for me. I adore paisley. I adore all those colors. I'm always, always freezing, so I adore scarves. I knew before I even put this on, it was a keeper.

Plus, I have like 100 other things I can wear it with.

The price on this was $28. (But used credit to purchase). I've already worn it like ten times, so I'm pretty sure this one was worth the investment.

The second piece was Jake Slim Bootcut Jean by Just Black
All I have to say about this is, don't request a Fix right after Christmas.

These were great jeans, but the fact that I couldn't get them buttoned posed a problem. I don't hold back during Christmas, and it showed in the weeks following! They'd probably work fine now, but I just couldn't justify purchasing them if I wasn't sure they'd fit in the near future.

The Noriega Boat Neck Knit Top by Tart was super comfy. It was made of a really smooth and slinky fabric that laid really nicely.

While I liked this shirt, it didn't "wow" me and it was just a tad short in the front. I can tell Stitch Fix is trying to send me longer cut items, but I'm well aware of how difficult it is to find ones that work so I can't blame them too much when they're just half an inch too short.

As much as I love polka dots, the Farley Swiss Dot Ruffle Front Blouse by Skies are Blue just wasn't my style. I hate ruffles. I failed to mention that in my profile. That will be corrected. NO.MORE.RUFFLES.

I was skeptical about this last item, because it looked like a plain, dull, black shirt. But I always try everything on, and it turned out this Queensland Dolman Jersey Top by Market & Spruce was a winner! I think it was made of the same super-comfy fabric as the boat neck top, but the length was good this time. Plus, hubby loved it, and it goes with my favorite crazy-pants - I always need more opportunities to wear my crazy-pants ;)
The price on this one was $48, which again is more than I'd ever pay normally, but when paying with credit, was totally worth it. And it will be a great basic piece that will go well with several other things I own.

I made some changes to my Pinterest board and left specific notes for my stylist after this fix, and another one is already on it's way, so we'll see how they did!

Ready to try it?


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