December 9, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I'm not exactly one to follow trends, so I feel a little bit sheepish admitting that I'm kind of enjoying using Stitch Fix. And maybe Stitch Fix doesn't even count as a trend. But the whole order-something-online-try-it-and-send-it-back-if-you-don't-like-it thing definitely IS a trend. I've even seen companies doing this with dog treats now. Personally I think if your dog needs to taste-test custom ordered treats, you need a different dog. I wouldn't even do that for my kids!

But custom-chosen clothes for a tired and busy mama with not a lot of time to shop? Yes, please.

Shopping is a pastime I used to thoroughly enjoy, and still do on occasion. But some of these weird trends are making it more tempting for me to utilize services like Stitch Fix. For example, what is with the wide, short sweaters and skinny pants? I thought it was a teenager thing, but now it's crept into my favorite store too. Yes, even Athleta has decided this is a trend worth grabbing onto.

Of course that woman makes them both look great. But in my experience, boxy, short sweaters do not look good on tall people (recall goal #5 from my first fix). Or maybe they just don't look good on me. Most normal length clothing is too short for me, so a sweater made short by design comes halfway up my torso, and that's not a look I'm going for. And those pants?? I got brave and tried a pair of those on once - I felt like MC Hammer. Maybe therein lies the problem...I might be getting too old for this stuff...


Stitch Fix is well aware of my height problem and they're doing a pretty good job of figuring it out. I had a pretty decent amount of credit so thought I'd let them take another shot at finding some things to fit me. 

(bear with me and my pathetic 'selfies'. my ever-so-talented camera-man husband was unavailable)

The first two items were a printed bib tab-sleeved blouse and a fairly simple necklace:

LOVED the blouse. It was long enough and the print was fun, plus it's navy and orange, which I love together.  The necklace was cute, but I have a similar one so no need to spend money on this one.

Next was a pair of trouser jeans, which are a welcome break from the weird Hammer-esque pant trend.

Cute, comfy and they fit well. I decided to reserve judgement on these until I tried on the other pieces. It was my hope that I could keep all five pieces and take advantage of the 25% discount, use my credit and sort of get everything for "free."

#4 was a simple hoodie. The sleeves on this were so lusciously long!! I love it when I can find full-long sleeves that are long enough, since I usually have to resort to 3/4 length or just pulling long ones up. It was really, really comfy too. I wasn't a huge fan of ripped neckline, but figured a scarf would cover that up anyway. The price was WAY too high at $78 though, if I decided to not keep all 5 pieces and use all my credit.

Last but not least was a really fun outerwear piece.

Amazingly, the sleeves on this were long enough too. But just barely. I loved the longer length and that it was something fun and different from anything else I own. My only beef with this that the gray piece that covered the zipper kept flapping open and exposing the zipper. Not a huge deal, but it looked so much cuter when it was closed.

The verdict?
I decided that while I liked and could have kept everything in this fix, the only piece I really loved was the printed bib blouse. And it was one of the more reasonable pieces at $38. Instead of keeping everything just for the sake of getting the discount, I thought it would be more fun to just keep the piece that I loved, and use the rest of my credit on future fixes. Trying on 4 things that actually fit is kind of fun and the Stitch Fix stylists get better the more feedback you give, so I'm thinking they've got me somewhat figured out. Hoping that means I'll get a couple more "love" pieces the next time!

Ready to try Stitch Fix?

PS - wonder what happened to Fix #2? I requested some layering pieces, and they sent an array of drapey front cardigans, sweaters and a blazer. Apparently those are "in" now too and also look terrible on really tall people! (or just me). I hated them all, so noted that I wanted "NO MORE DRAPEY FRONT ITEMS". They figured it out and did much better with Fix #3.