August 18, 2014

Should've been farm kids

It's that time of year again...the time when our quaint little summer city is bombarded with pickup trucks filled with mismatched furniture, when every store is out of fans and mini-fridges, when we avoid Wal-Mart because of the mass chaos and there are suddenly twice as many cars on the road.

The students are back!

For the most part, living in a college town is a great thing. The students bring an energy and vitality to our city that we enjoy during the school year, and in May when they all head home, we return to a little more relaxed pace. We've loved getting to know college students over the years. All three of my brothers went to school here; two of them frequently showed up at my house around mealtimes, often with friends. Being a "home away from home" where they can do a load of laundry or get a home-cooked meal in a real dining room truly brings us joy.

Since our church has a vibrant college ministry, we jumped at the chance sign up for the adopt-a-student program. Our family was assigned two students, Evelyn and Morgan, and instructed to get to know them. I'm not sure how we got lucky enough to get the two BEST ones, but somehow we did ;)

Evelyn grew up not far from town. She was kind enough to invite our kids out to her family farm one Saturday morning.

Our girls LOVED it. We thought we were going out there to see a few baby goats...

Turns out there was a whole herd of baby goats! They were adorable! But that wasn't all.

There was also sheep and baby lambs (which look oddly similar to baby goats), a rabbit and chickens.

Meili was CRAZY about the chickens!

She played in their little chicken coop for about 15 minutes just following them around trying to catch them and saying, "here chicken, here chicken."

I don't think the chickens were too excited about getting caught.

They even found a new friend, Evelyn's little sister.

Did I mention they had kitties?! I guess I'm a farm girl at heart - the one thing I miss most about the country is the baby kittens.

Seriously, how cute is he?!

I think this one wanted to come home with me!

And we can't forget to add guinea pig and hamster to the list.

Our kids had such a great time getting to see and hold so many animals. Being a farm-kid myself, I'm always afraid my kids are going to grow up without any of the experiences I had as a child. Thanks Evelyn, for giving them a little piece of farm life!

We loved every minute of it!