February 8, 2014

The first fix!

Disclaimer: This is not now, nor will it EVER be, a blog about fashion. There are a lot of people who are gifted at making themselves and others look fabulous and I am NOT one of them!

So, have ya'll heard about this interesting little thing called "Stitch Fix?"

I hadn't, until a couple weeks ago. A mom who was in China the same time we were was raving about it, and she always looks adorable, so I thought I would check it out.

Here's how it works:
1. You fill out a comprehensive style profile - what you like, what you don't like, your sizes, your preferred price point, etc. You can even link a pinterest board of your favorite styles, if you have one.

2. A personal stylist evaluates your preferences and hand-selects five pieces specifically for you.

3. It's all sent directly to your doorstep. You can try on all the pieces at home, with other clothes you already have, and you send back what you don't want.

4. There's a $20 "styling fee" for the services but it counts as credit toward any purchases you make.

I was intrigued. If nothing else, it sounded like something fun to try, and it's still way cheaper than the gas it takes to get to my nearest mall.

I have 5 goals when it comes to picking out clothes:
1. Not look TERRIBLE.
Easier said than done. You'd be surprised at the amount of effort it takes me to find something that makes it look like I have even a hint of fashion knowledge. I really am almost completely clueless.

2. Not be cold.
For 6 months out of the year, my home is a tundra. Icy cold. I hate being cold. Hate it. Hate it.

3. Look semi-decent for my husband.
I mean, the poor guy does have to claim me and all. It's nice for him if I'm not still wearing a robe and slippers when he comes home.

4. Spend as little money as possible.
Seriously, I would buy all my clothes at Goodwill or our local consignment store if I could. But….

Here's the BIG problem: I am almost 6 feet tall.

5. Find something that fits.
My legs, arms and torso are crazy long. 99.9% of items in any given store will NOT fit me.
So, I figured if I gave Stitch Fix a shot and they were able to produce items that actually fit, it might really be worth it.

Here's what they sent me:
Pardon my awkwardness in front of a camera. Even if your hubby is taking the pics, it's still weird.

The first shirt was thermal henley by Tart. You can't tell in the picture, but it has a shimmery gold look all over. It was actually quite gorgeous, for a henley.

They also send you with this handy little card, to show a couple ways you can wear your items:

I actually had enough in my closet to almost replicate the one on the left:

Nevertheless, even though the sleeves were long enough, the rest of it was not. It barely touched the top of my jeans. Goal # 5 FAIL. It went back.

Next was a really great pair of jeans:

I actually loved these - Sold Design Lab Sara jeans. They were made out of a super-stretchy, jegging-like denim material, but you couldn't tell at all, and they were a very dark denim, which I love. They also had a 34" inseam, which is the minimum I can wear. Sadly, they were $118. Goal #4 FAIL. I'm pretty sure I didn't choose that price point for jeans, but maybe the options were limited in long inseams. Either way, unless they are the world's most amazing jeans, that's too much.

The next item was my favorite:

The Under Skies chevron tunic. Perfect solution for us tall girls. Seriously, I don't know why I don't own any tunics! It was long enough, came with a belt to make it look more fitted, and was a gorgeous fun print and color. I don't know if I would have picked it out for myself, but I'm glad Stitch Fix did - this one was a keeper. Plus, I'd had this fun ring for along time but don't have much to wear it with:

I also liked how the sides came up a little. Kind of made it feel like the length of my legs flowed upward rather than being "chopped off" by a straight hemline.

Jon approved and although it wasn't super-cheap, I think it will be a versatile piece I can wear a lot. WIN.

The RD Style drape front cardigan:

Ugh. I do NOT like this drape-front cardigan craze. I like the color and fabric, and the sleeves were long enough. I even like the style! But these just.do.not. look good on me. They make me look totally shapeless. Goal #1 FAIL.

Nope. Not a fan.
It went back.

Last was a cute pair of earrings:

I didn't even try these on because I knew they'd be going back. They were $28, and when it comes to jewelry, I'm a cheap-as-it-gets kind of girl. Like more than $5 on anything (except maybe a huge statement necklace) is too much. I will request no more jewelry if I do another Stitch Fix.

All-in-all, it was a really fun thing to try, and absolutely love the chevron tunic. I've heard from others that they get better and better at determining your style as you give them feedback about each Fix.

Would I do it again? Yes, I definitely would, but it might be more of a "special occasion" kind of treat for me. Maybe once a season? They also have a great referral program, so if any of your friends try, you get a little credit for your next fix :)

Are you ready to try? Get your stitch fix HERE!

Have fun!


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