January 19, 2014

One small step

Last March, when we brought Meili home, it became clear very quickly that she had never seen snow before. No big deal....she hadn't seen lots of things before. As she continued to adjust to each and every new experience one at a time, we realized it wasn't that she just wasn't used to snow, she HATED snow. She was scared to death of it! She would scream and try to climb up us if we tried to put her down in it, and launch into a tantrum if we opened the door without picking her up.

You got adopted into the WRONG part of the country, girl!

We didn't push it (maybe we would have if we had known winter last year was going to last until mid-MAY!!!) figuring she had enough new things to figure out. But when she still seemed terrified of it this year, we decided we needed to push a little.

Since yesterday was warm (in South Dakota that's anything over 20 degrees) and our other kids were playing outside, we thought we'd give it a shot.

Looks thrilled, doesn't she??

We had never tried bundling her all up and just sticking her outside. We'd always attempted just a little exposure here and there, on the way to the car, etc. I think those extra layers gave her a little security; she seemed worried, but less freaked-out than usual.

Having the other kids out really seemed to help too. Especially big brother Tyler, who has a huge soft-spot for her.

With a little help from her sister, she even ventured out of the sled, and actually let the snow touch her feet!

Yes, that is a squirt bottle filled with yellow water. They wanted to trick people into thinking there was dog pee all over our yard. And this was the girls idea. Unfortunately having 3 girls has not resulted in a reduction of crudeness and potty humor.

She managed to stay outside for just a few more than 10 minutes! It's a small step, but it's something. Maybe by the end of this winter, we'll actually get her to stick her hands in it??
Either that, or we'll just have to move to Florida ;)


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