October 5, 2013

One year ago...

Last week an important day came and went without any fanfare. On that day, one year ago, we saw Meili's face for the first time. We received her referral, somewhat unexpectedly (read THIS post for the story of that day).

We didn't celebrate the day at all because it also happens to be an important day for another reason. It was a sweet little SIX year old's birthday!

Since our littlest biological one hasn't always been thrilled about her sister, we certainly didn't think we'd better do anything that made her feel less important or loved on her birthday. 

It's really pretty hard for us to believe that it was (over) a year ago that we got Meili's referral and that we traveled to China, got through those first few rough months and have had her here for 7 months already. And it's been almost TWO YEARS since we started this whole process on October 31, 2011. TWO YEARS. It just doesn't feel like that long ago. If you've ever considered adoption, but the long wait seems like too much, don't let that stop you. It seriously feels like we started this whole thing yesterday. Ok, maybe not yesterday, but definitely not two years ago. Someone once told me that though the days seem long, the years fly by. The older I get the more I realize how accurate that statement really is.

This was what we saw in our referral a year ago:

And this is what we have today:

Even though she was 2 in the top picture, she just looks like a baby. Seeing her in more recent pictures, with little bits of chunk on her arms, longer hair and cute clothes is so.much.better.

Many, many things have changed, but she's definitely still the same kid....
We discovered Meili loved ranch dressing while sitting in a TGIFridays in an airport on the way home from China...

 And she's still a huge fan...

The carrot is nothing but a vehicle for ranch consumption :)

Thank you Jesus, that despite the hard adjustment months and the difficult days, she's not in the same place now that she was one year ago!

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  1. Thanking God today for families, ranch dressing, chubbier cheeks, and the.love deep inside your hearts for that beautiful girl that kept you going!