October 9, 2013


We aren't exactly "school picture" type people. Two Reasons:

1. We are cheap
2. Jon takes better pictures

Recently, I had been buying the "class composite" picture so I could add it to the kids' scrapbooks and they would always have a picture of their classmates. The cheapest you can get one is $11. $11 x 3 kids = $33 (Meili doesn't have one yet). Yesterday I realized I was spending $33 to get pictures of other people's kids.

So maybe I'm not as smart about it as I thought?


Every year we try to do a photo shoot with each child in the Fall as sort of a "substitute" for school pictures. It's always a little bit of a challenge to try to find time to do our own kids among all the other paying clients. But we managed to sneak Meili in earlier this week.

She did alright for her first "official" photo shoot with Dad!

The dress is the one I bought for her as a "coming home" dress from China. It definitely looks better on her now that she has a little meat on her bones!

Is it just me, or is she pretty stinkin' cute?!?


  1. She IS cute, but we would love her just as much if she wasn't! (From Grammy)

  2. She is a cutie. She looks so much more content, happy, and even more adjusted each time you add pictures of her to your blog. (Deb, your mom's friend)

  3. Killer photos, Jon! It does help with such a perfect model, however. Can't give ya too much credit! :)