October 29, 2013

Juice Fast #2 - DAY ONE!

Jon and I have been toying the idea of another juice fast for several weeks. After returning from China, we let our health take a nosedive. The gym was a foreign land for both of us and we were in survival mode. There's no place for the gym in survival mode!

Although some days we still feel like managing four kids, work, activities, household chores and our labor-intensive diet are a huge challenge, we are at least somewhat out of survival mode now. We are also taking a vacation in December. The best kind of vacation...the kind that we don't have to pay for and the kind that includes sun and beaches! So, based on those two things, we've been getting our health back to "priority status" since about the beginning of September. With holidays coming up, we thought now would be the best time to do a juice fast.

I have admit that I'm not super-pumped for this one. The first one was hard, but it was new and exciting and we did it right at the beginning of the year, so we had "fresh start" thoughts on our mind the whole time. This one is just for purposes of ridding our bodies of the toxins we've built up in the last year. But I do expect it will be good for me. Yesterday I ate four pieces of pizza. You see, it was cheap pizza night at George's....and oh, do I love George's! I tried futilely to resist but totally got sucked in. Pizza does not align well (or at all!) with the Paleo diet and the entire rest of the evening I felt like total garbage. If I had eaten one piece, I'd have been fine. But no, apparently I'm lacking in the self control department, yet another reason why right now is a good juice-fast time.

So there we go: detox and self-control practice. Good reasons to juice fast.

I'm blogging about it so ya'll can keep me accountable.

We are going about this fast a bit differently. Jon is hoping to make it 10 days or more, but I'm not planning on going that long. I felt like days 9 & 10 didn't add much last time, and I also came out of the fast WAY too quickly. So I'm shooting for a 3 day minimum (and hoping for 5 or so), but planning on taking several days to return to normal food.


We actually started with tea for breakfast, so lunch was our first juice. This was a simple carrot, apple &  ginger juice. It's one of our favorites, and I haven't gone juice-ingredient shopping yet, so it's what we had on hand. Jon is already noticing his metabolism slowing, so he was freezing by lunch time. I imagine he'll be having more tea at work this afternoon!

I've noticed nothing so far. I'm not even hungry (probably still living off my massive pizza overdose from yesterday). Oh, and I am not giving up coffee this time. I know, I know.....I should. But I'm not going to. I love my coffee, it keeps me warm and I'm drinking it black and organic so I'm keeping it. Sorry body, you're still going to have metabolize caffeine. Deal with it.

Wish us luck (or join us if you're feeling motivated!)!

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  1. Good luck!!! I know you have way more self control than I do...even if you ate 4 pieces of pizza! :) Miss you friend!