October 31, 2013

Juice Fast #2 - DAY THREE

Today was Meili's first Halloween, which is a post in itself, but unfortunately I can't write about it because getting four kids ready for trick-or-treating (by myself since Jon was busy) proved to be quite an undertaking. The house was left in total chaos with food particles, random costume pieces and homework papers strewn all over the place. Only JUST now (11:02PM) did I manage to get everything back to a semi-organized status. I'm just going to give a quick update for those of you who are following this juice fast.

Amazingly, we both felt great again today. We are just totally surprised at how hungry we haven't been. Not even a single tummy growl! Tonight I smelled chili at church and it was really the first time I actually had a thought about wanting to eat something, but it was short lived and went away as quickly as it came. We both went non-stop all day today from about 6:20 this morning and had more than enough energy to make it through.

Breakfast was Parsley Energy:
1 bunch of parsley
5 carrots
1 apple
2 sticks of celery

It was a nasty greenish-brown color, but tasted fabulous. Anything with parsley in it is usually good.

We were both at work during lunch so right at 4:00 we had Sweet Broccoli:
2 heads of broccoli
2 stalks of celery
2 apples

Broccoli juice is amazingly sweet and refreshing, so this was almost a treat. The rest of the night we were too busy with our munchkins to drink anything so we really didn't meet our quota for today at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I also didn't drink near enough water today, so I need to up my H2O consumption tomorrow too. Water really helps flush out the toxins as your body moves into detox mode.

Anyone ready to jump on the bandwagon with us yet?? ;)

October 30, 2013

Juice Fast #2 - DAY TWO

Amazingly, we both felt great all day today. Neither of us were hungry at all and we both had great energy today. During our previous fast, we had decided that day two was probably the roughest, so we discussed tonight why our experience this time would be different.

The only thing we could contribute it to was our changed diet. Two years ago, we were eating Real Food but not doing a Paleo diet. While we are not strict with our Paleo diet, it has still been a significant dietary change. We focus our meals much more on high quality protein and vegetables now and consume MUCH less grain. I would love to research the science behind why this could make a difference, but it's too late for it tonight. Suffice it to say that we both think it's definitely made the whole thing easier.


This morning we started with the "Green Detoxifier!"
1 large bunch of kale
1 small head of broccoli (stem included)
5 carrots
1 apple

It looks nasty but it really tastes pretty good. I buy my juicing kale from Azure Standard and it has a nice, fresh flavor. Some kale can be bitter in juices, but the flavor from the Azure kale is much more clean and fresh. Plus, kale is an AMAZING super-food, so consuming an entire bunch of it at once gives you a massive nutrient boost!


I was away for lunch so Jon came home and juiced and brought some to me. He decided on a sweet & salty pineapple juice recipe he found. Basically it was 1 pineapple with some salt and water added. I was skeptical but it was really quite refreshing!

We had some leftover beets from a CSA basket someone had given us and it was time to use them up - because of course, beets are crazy-good for you too! But seriously, beets are NASTY. I know some people like them, but I really can't understand how. So we dressed them up a little bit...

3 beets
1 apple
1 sweet potato
1 large bell pepper
5 carrots

It wasn't remarkable but it WAS edible. And that's all I really ask for in a juice containing beets. And it was pretty. Pretty enough that my juice-monster Keira wanted to try it...

...and she LOVED it! This little one rocks her healthy-Mama's world! She's a pro at trying juices and most of our other crazy concoctions. She doesn't like them all, but seriously, beet juice?!? You gotta admit that's impressive for a 6 year old.

I didn't even feel the need for any tea or anything today, although I assume Jon drank some at work. I did have my beautiful, black, organic, french press coffee this morning - and I had it with a good friend, so it was even better!

Now that I think about it....maybe that's why this fast isn't as hard as the last? ;)

October 29, 2013

Juice Fast #2 - DAY ONE!

Jon and I have been toying the idea of another juice fast for several weeks. After returning from China, we let our health take a nosedive. The gym was a foreign land for both of us and we were in survival mode. There's no place for the gym in survival mode!

Although some days we still feel like managing four kids, work, activities, household chores and our labor-intensive diet are a huge challenge, we are at least somewhat out of survival mode now. We are also taking a vacation in December. The best kind of vacation...the kind that we don't have to pay for and the kind that includes sun and beaches! So, based on those two things, we've been getting our health back to "priority status" since about the beginning of September. With holidays coming up, we thought now would be the best time to do a juice fast.

I have admit that I'm not super-pumped for this one. The first one was hard, but it was new and exciting and we did it right at the beginning of the year, so we had "fresh start" thoughts on our mind the whole time. This one is just for purposes of ridding our bodies of the toxins we've built up in the last year. But I do expect it will be good for me. Yesterday I ate four pieces of pizza. You see, it was cheap pizza night at George's....and oh, do I love George's! I tried futilely to resist but totally got sucked in. Pizza does not align well (or at all!) with the Paleo diet and the entire rest of the evening I felt like total garbage. If I had eaten one piece, I'd have been fine. But no, apparently I'm lacking in the self control department, yet another reason why right now is a good juice-fast time.

So there we go: detox and self-control practice. Good reasons to juice fast.

I'm blogging about it so ya'll can keep me accountable.

We are going about this fast a bit differently. Jon is hoping to make it 10 days or more, but I'm not planning on going that long. I felt like days 9 & 10 didn't add much last time, and I also came out of the fast WAY too quickly. So I'm shooting for a 3 day minimum (and hoping for 5 or so), but planning on taking several days to return to normal food.


We actually started with tea for breakfast, so lunch was our first juice. This was a simple carrot, apple &  ginger juice. It's one of our favorites, and I haven't gone juice-ingredient shopping yet, so it's what we had on hand. Jon is already noticing his metabolism slowing, so he was freezing by lunch time. I imagine he'll be having more tea at work this afternoon!

I've noticed nothing so far. I'm not even hungry (probably still living off my massive pizza overdose from yesterday). Oh, and I am not giving up coffee this time. I know, I know.....I should. But I'm not going to. I love my coffee, it keeps me warm and I'm drinking it black and organic so I'm keeping it. Sorry body, you're still going to have metabolize caffeine. Deal with it.

Wish us luck (or join us if you're feeling motivated!)!

October 9, 2013


We aren't exactly "school picture" type people. Two Reasons:

1. We are cheap
2. Jon takes better pictures

Recently, I had been buying the "class composite" picture so I could add it to the kids' scrapbooks and they would always have a picture of their classmates. The cheapest you can get one is $11. $11 x 3 kids = $33 (Meili doesn't have one yet). Yesterday I realized I was spending $33 to get pictures of other people's kids.

So maybe I'm not as smart about it as I thought?


Every year we try to do a photo shoot with each child in the Fall as sort of a "substitute" for school pictures. It's always a little bit of a challenge to try to find time to do our own kids among all the other paying clients. But we managed to sneak Meili in earlier this week.

She did alright for her first "official" photo shoot with Dad!

The dress is the one I bought for her as a "coming home" dress from China. It definitely looks better on her now that she has a little meat on her bones!

Is it just me, or is she pretty stinkin' cute?!?

October 5, 2013

One year ago...

Last week an important day came and went without any fanfare. On that day, one year ago, we saw Meili's face for the first time. We received her referral, somewhat unexpectedly (read THIS post for the story of that day).

We didn't celebrate the day at all because it also happens to be an important day for another reason. It was a sweet little SIX year old's birthday!

Since our littlest biological one hasn't always been thrilled about her sister, we certainly didn't think we'd better do anything that made her feel less important or loved on her birthday. 

It's really pretty hard for us to believe that it was (over) a year ago that we got Meili's referral and that we traveled to China, got through those first few rough months and have had her here for 7 months already. And it's been almost TWO YEARS since we started this whole process on October 31, 2011. TWO YEARS. It just doesn't feel like that long ago. If you've ever considered adoption, but the long wait seems like too much, don't let that stop you. It seriously feels like we started this whole thing yesterday. Ok, maybe not yesterday, but definitely not two years ago. Someone once told me that though the days seem long, the years fly by. The older I get the more I realize how accurate that statement really is.

This was what we saw in our referral a year ago:

And this is what we have today:

Even though she was 2 in the top picture, she just looks like a baby. Seeing her in more recent pictures, with little bits of chunk on her arms, longer hair and cute clothes is so.much.better.

Many, many things have changed, but she's definitely still the same kid....
We discovered Meili loved ranch dressing while sitting in a TGIFridays in an airport on the way home from China...

 And she's still a huge fan...

The carrot is nothing but a vehicle for ranch consumption :)

Thank you Jesus, that despite the hard adjustment months and the difficult days, she's not in the same place now that she was one year ago!