September 22, 2013

A Foggy Start

Is this really a first-day-of-school post over a month after the first day of school, you ask? Why yes, it is. That's just pretty much how we roll these days. We're behind....just behind. Behind in yard work, house cleaning, grocery-getting, meal planning, and overall life-living.

This FOUR-kid stuff is hard!

Just when I feel like we're sort of making progress, a bunch of new stuff gets added to my list and I get totally lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, we are managing to get the kids to school on time and fed (for the most part). Unfortunately, some people have gotten caught in the undertow of our lack of organization, like my super-sweet neighbor who stopped by for carpool caught me in my cruddy pajamas with hair all over and red swollen eyes from only sleeping five hours the night before. Thankfully she's still talking to me so hopefully we aren't losing friends because of our craziness (yet!)

School started here just over a month ago on a really odd, foggy day. In some ways it was WAY too early, and yet my kids were ready to get back in the groove, especially this little man:

Tyler: My firstborn and only boy....he's such a great kid. He's helped SO much with Meili and is just an amazing big brother to all his sisters. He knows how to make them all laugh and just wants everyone to be happy. He LOVES school because he's an extrovert like his daddy and seeing his friends every day makes his days better.

Jenna: My creative and sassy one. We could call her mini-me. She likes school, but wants me to home school her so she doesn't have to get up so early in the morning. Unfortunately she gets this from me too...don't try to talk to either of us for at least 30 minutes after waking. She's also been an amazing help and tonight when I tucked her in I told her "thank you" for always helping me and she said, "Why? I love to do it!"

Keira: My spunky one and snuggly one. She plays hard and crashes hard. It's been rough for her losing her spot as the baby of the family and adjusting to full days of school for the first time. The poor little thing gets tuckered out! We're hoping she'll get used to the long days soon. She makes me smile with her hugs and kisses and she loves to love!

Yes, Meili started school too! She was just as proud as the rest of them on the first day, if not more. She goes to early intervention preschool where she gets her therapies and such. You would have thought she won the lottery when we gave her that backpack, though poor thing tried to put her blanket in it one day and nearly fell over because it's so huge! When I say "Let's go to school" she responds, "backpack?" (more like "ba-pa?") and promptly grabs it and heads out the door.

It just about killed my hubby that I wanted to do a "first-day" post and wouldn't allow him to put the pictures immediately on his FaceBook wall. I just figure, better late than never :)


  1. I like to hit next blog button and came across your blog and all I have to say is the first day of school pictures are the best, love the fog and how the pictures look 3D. Good luck I have a hard time with my 2 and only one goes to school.

    1. Glad you found it! Hope you enjoyed the post :)