July 23, 2013

Can you hear me now?

I'm writing this post with one eye propped half open so I don't accidentally fall asleep at the keyboard. I'll make it short and sweet, for my own sake.

Meili got PE tubes in her ears today. Her primary care doctor had suspected she had some fluid build-up that might be causing some hearing problems (more on that in THIS post). So we hopped in the car bright and early this morning at 4:55am for our 6:00am surgery appointment. Because Jon had some events going on last night and I can't sleep very well without him, we didn't get to bed until after midnight, which made 4:30am feel very, very early.

Waiting room snuggle time!

Meili was her usual happy self right from the get-go, despite being awakened 3+ hours earlier than usual.

We watched a few pre-op cartoons. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at some point right about here. I even remember the cartoon that was singing some song about sleep. Or was I dreaming that...??

All systems go!

Meili was not thrilled about being forced to wear big, baggy, blue clothes.

But cartoons make everything better.

She's really getting the hang of this whole "doctors office" thing. She promptly lifts her shirt up for anyone who comes at her with a stethoscope.

Although she wasn't a fan of the clothes, she was pretty thrilled about the hat.

Fifteen minutes later, it was all done and everything went just as expected. They told us she'd be groggy from the anesthesia, but when we walked into the recovery room, she promptly smiled and yelled "hello Mama!" She walked a little crooked for a couple hours, but was none the worse for wear. The doctor said he removed a significant amount of fluid and assured us that this could definitely have affected her hearing. We'll go back in two weeks for a hearing check to find out more.

(sorry for the bad iPhone pics again!)
She managed to charm every.single.person. we came into contact with in the hospital from patients to doctors, but especially nurses. She's very good with nurses. The little peanut can make just about anyone smile. She LOVED this wagon, and managed to get the nurse to give her an extra long ride.

Since she was feeling so well, we decided to make a little pit stop to see her aunt Julie at work. On our way there, we realized that her hair was starting to resemble somewhat of a Billy-Ray-Cyrus-80's-ish style and thought maybe we'd better nip that in the bud.

So Aunt Julie helped us out and took her hair one step closer to that cute little Asian bob style that we're going for. It's got a ways to grow, but we're getting there.

So, all's well that ends well for today; we're just hoping to see some improvement in her hearing and speech over the next couple of weeks. If not, we should find out more at our next appointment.

Thank you all for your prayers! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my warm and very comfortable bed! :)


  1. I am enjoying getting to know your family through your blog. Meili is cute as a button! Love the pictures with the hat :) Glad the surgery went well, will be praying for her hearing/speech improvement.

    1. Thanks for following Bobbie...and for the prayers!

  2. Oh my word. That picture of Meili with her hospital cap on- cutest ever. Found your blog on Pinterest while looking for China adoption blogs- we are just starting our journey! Meili is adorable and seeing her sweet pictures makes me so excited to bring home our little girl!

    1. Congrats on your adoption process Sherry! Thanks for following along with ours :) Let me know if I can help in any way!