June 27, 2013

The reason for our lack of posts

I don't think I can even count how many people have said to me, "when are you going to post again?" I wish I had a good answer. The last four months have been interesting around here. Some things have been good, and some have been very difficult. I feel like writing about all these challenges might be really helpful for some people, but it's definitely going to take some effort for me to put it all into words in a way that does justice to what we're experiencing.

The other question I hear very frequently is, "how is Meili doing?" The short answer is, we think she's doing fairly well when it comes to attaching to us and adjusting to life in the US. The long answer is more complicated.

We've discovered that having four kids is very, very exhausting. We pretty much collapse in bed every night and wonder what happened to the day. These last four months have taken their toll on us. Since we returned home from China, here's what we've endured:

- 2 weeks of jet lag and time adjustment
- 2 rounds of the stomach flu that went through everyone in our family for a grand total of about 4 weeks of vomiting. Horrible.
- End of the school year - meaning projects, meetings, field trips, graduations, etc.
- My brother getting married - Jon as the photographer, 3 of us in the wedding, lots of family around and a general overall very busy week!
- Our resident high-schooler graduating and leaving our home. Even though she was never really "ours" it was still an emotional transition for us!
- Rain. Rain, rain and more rain. And cold. This South Dakota Spring was pretty much horrible. We were all cooped up in our little house for WAY, WAY, WAY too long.
- Lots of doctors appointments for Meili that often include spending the whole day in Sioux Falls.

Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but throw in a recently adopted child and all the challenges that go with that, not only for her, but for all the other members of our family, and it all becomes just about more than we can handle. Having four kids has proved to be much more difficult than three, and the small, daily struggles are really taking their toll. I have to just share one example:

A couple nights ago, we were finally getting everyone settled down for the night. One was in bed, two were almost there and our oldest was in the bathtub. All of a sudden I hear frantic yelling, "MOM! MOM COME HERE QUICK!!" Here's what we found:

Our son had decided it would be interesting to add some Castille soap (that was sitting in the bathroom from when I had cleaned) to the bathtub and then turn on the jets. It took less than a few seconds for our entire bathroom to be submerged in tea-tree scented bubbles.

This type of thing, my friends, is why we are totally and utterly exhausted.

So, I'm really going to TRY harder to post more frequently. Partly because so many people ask and partly because I think writing about our experiences the last four months might help me deal with it all. But, those posts will have to come somewhere in between eating, cleaning, cooking, bathing, clothing, chauffeuring, sleeping and everything else. So bear with me! Stay tuned :)


  1. Virginia- I SO appreciate how real you are!! Love your blog & posts! You have inspired me in many ways :)

  2. Whew. Glad we're not the only ones. We should talk.

  3. I've been checking every night and wondering why you weren't writing.. but I also can see from FB that you have a lot going on--and I know there is much more beyond what is shown on Facebook. I love when you update, but understand when you don't have the energy. I'm still praying for your family!