March 2, 2013

Day 6 in Nanjing/Day 1 in Guangzhou & Day 2 in Guangzhou

There isn't a whole lot to say about our last day in Nanjing. We enjoyed our time there but we were ready to move on. Our guide, Denise, gave Meili a sweet little gift when we left; a small replica of the city animal. It's a fictional character that resembles a dragon with a large mouth. Only this animal eats money...lots and lots of money, but it never poops. It's supposed to symbolize that good luck will come to you financially. A bit strange, but it's an important tradition there and it was a thoughtful gift.
We packed up in the morning and Denise delivered our documents, including Meili's passport, around 1pm. Then we headed to the airport for our 4:15 flight. We expected that, having missed her nap, Meili would sleep on the plane.
We could not have been more wrong! She was up and down and up and down on the seat, jumping and laughing at the people behind us, grabbing stuff through the seats, climbing up by the window, kicking the seats in front of us, yelling excitedly at everyone she was EXHAUSTING!! To make matters worse, she has decided she's only interested in me and not her dad. She won't let him hold her or do anything for her. We are glad she's attaching to me, but it sure makes things a lot harder when Jon can't help.
Needless to say, we had a VERY tired child and two tired parents when we finally got to the hotel about 8:30 that night, so we ALL went to bed. Those of you who know me well will find that hard to believe but I promise it IS true!
Our second day in Guangzhou was much better. We were reunited with all the families we originally started with in Beijing. What an amazing experience to see all these new friends with their newly adopted children!

Our guide here is Shiyan. She has been working with our agency for twenty years and she's wonderful! Because she's been doing this for so long, she knows EXACTLY what you need and when you need it...this is ALWAYS helpful in the world of adoption!
The first order of business today was medical checks for all the children. This is required by the US before they will issue the children's visas. Shiyan warned us it would be chaotic. She was right.

It was basically a bunch of adoptive families, our group of 7 families plus many others, crammed into a waiting area about one-fourth the size it should have been. Then they told us we needed to visit 4 stations: height & weight, ENT, general physician and TB test (blood draw). They can be done in no particular order. You just find the one with the shortest line and wait!

You can imagine this might be traumatic for newly adopted kids. Meili was not phased. She just saw this as an opportunity to charm some new people.

They do not allow parents to come in during the blood draw. Most kids emerge sobbing. Meili had her little sad face on for about 30 seconds and then was fine. But we were definitely ALL glad to have that job over with!
The next stop was Carrefour; a Walmart style store where us westerners can stock up on things to make our lives in china easier :)

We found Meili's favorite snack! When she was given to us, the orphanage staff brought two snacks along and said they were her favorites. I'm not sure if that's even true because she didn't really seem to like the first one. But these, she LOVES. Any guesses what it is?
PRAWN CRACKERS! Little puff shaped things that are flavored like shrimp. Yes, shrimp. They look gross and they stink. But she likes them so we stocked up.
After Carrefour, we went back to the hotel so the kids could nap. Jon napped with Meili while I went to a meeting with Shiyan and the other paperwork-doers of the group so we could make sure we had our things in order. It sounds easier than it is. Most of the paperwork we received when she was adopted is in Chinese, so it's difficult to know if you have what you need.
We went to supper as a group at a "western" restaurant that was about a 10 minute walk away. I think I now understand how I Chinese person might feel at a chinese restaurant in the US. It was maybe "western-ish" but definitely not like what we'd eat at home! Our food was very good though, and the walk was pleasant. However, Meili was in her wild-child mode so eating was bit of a job. She gets SO wound up in big groups of people! We aren't sure if it's because everything is SO new to her, or if she's just displaying "orphanage behavior" and trying to get attention, or something else.
I loaded her in the ergo carrier to see if that would at least keep her calm during the walk.

It seemed to work pretty well.

This building was by a small lake on the way to the restaurant.

Another great "China sight" on the way back...McDonalds delivery, on a bike! As if McDoanlds isn't gross enough before you stick it on a dirty bike and ride around while it gets cold...

And that's it for today! Tomorrow we will go to Shamian Island where some families will go to church. Normally we'd be happy to do this too, but we are positive it would be a disaster with Meili, so we will spend some time at a park instead. Then we will shop a little since Shamian Island is known for being the place where adoptive families pick up their souvenirs before leaving China.

Every day with Miss Meili wears us out just little bit more, so I'm hoping we can make it six more days!! Meili also developed a cough, so please pray she's able to shake it off so she can be healthy and sleep well before we travel home. We are enjoying China, but are anxious to get home to our other kids and on with regular life! Until then, we are giving Meili our full attention, because she'll have some competition very soon :)

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  1. Oh she's so cute! It seems like she is opening up. So wonderful to see you guys with your new addition to the family. I loved following your journey :)