February 20, 2013

One down, 22 to go!!

After saying a few teary-eyed goodbyes to our sleepy-eyes kids this morning, we headed out! My dad took us to the airport, and we spent the hour drive talking about how God has guided and provided for us on every step of this journey. Looking back, it really is amazing how He brought us to this point and we so clearly see his hand in it all.


Did ya'll see Jon's Facebook post a couple days ago? He was finishing calculating our last expenses, figuring out how much cash we'd need to take, etc. The difference between what we had and what we needed was $21. "Amazing," we thought. We're only $21 short. Then he stood up and pulled a check he'd forgotten about out of his pocket.

A check for $25.

We are $4 over what we need. FOUR DOLLARS!!

Is our God AMAZING or what?!

My dad prayed with us in the airport before we said goodbye. We're so thankful to have our family supporting us and lifting us up in prayer.

We will board in a few minutes. And after 22 hours, Ni Hao Beijing!!





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