February 21, 2013

Musings of a tired Momma!

Eight-ish hours into this 12 hour flight is forcing me to admit that I'm not as young as I used to be! Granted, I don't feel "old" but the last time I had to take a long flight was many years ago and somehow I still managed to make it relatively enjoyable. This time, every little jostle and jolt makes my heart jump, the lack of sleep is causing my head and body to ache and holy cow, this seat is making my backside sore!
Gone are the days when I actually enjoyed a long flight and that wait was part of the adventure. I'm ready to be there NOW! We are currently about 3 hours from Tokyo. meaning we've been in the air about 8 hours and 45 minutes. Once we land, we have a layover in Tokyo and then will board yet another plane and spent 4 more hours getting to Beijing.
So what do you do on a 12 hour flight? Apparently, you don't sleep. Our brilliant plan to sleep as soon as we left Minneapolis failed miserably. Not for lack of effort on our part. But unfortunately, we've only been able to sleep for about 2 hours - one hour each of two times. We are basically following the sun, and therefore will not see any darkness today until we get to Beijing. I feel like I'm a relatively intelligent person, but time zones and international date lines still somehow manage to baffle me. We are taking a homeopathic remedy to reduce the jet lag. After reading several positive reviews, I was excited about the possibility of this little concoction actually working until I mentioned it to my dad who said he'd tried with pretty much zero success! Oh well, it didn't cost much so I guess it's still worth a shot if it works even a LITTLE.
What else do you do? You eat. And drink. They've offered drinks, free alcohol included, about 6 times. I'll stick to water. I will give Delta credit...our food has been pretty decent. The first meal was chicken with dumplings and vegetables, shrimp cocktail, salad a roll and small dessert. The snack was a sandwich, two cookies and raisins, which is basically enough for a meal for me, and we will have one more large meal before landing in Tokyo. I'm realizing that sitting here burns pretty much NO calories so if you ate everything and drank beer or something, you could probably gain a pound just on the flight!
If you're still with me, congratulations. You must've figured out that I'm quite bored and really don't have much to say in thise post! Blogging is the other thing you do when you're tired of reading, watching movies, or trying unsuccessfully to sleep.
We're excited to get to Japan and at least move around a bit. Can you say you've been to Japan if you've only been in the airport? Probably not. Too bad we can't spend some time there; I think I would like it. I feel like the Japanese are very structured, organized and detail-oriented people...a whole country that functions like a Type-A personality; plus good food and modern conveniences. Sounds like a great place to me!
Unfortunately, we are not going to be seated together from Tokyo to Beijing. The closer we get to China, the more nervous I get about this crazy adventure, so I'm not overly excited about being seated away from my steady, supportive husband! But I guess if that's the worst thing I've had to deal with so far on this trip, I shouldn't be complaining!
Stay tuned for what should be much more interesting posts :)

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  1. I read this aloud to Troy on the way to school this a.m. I laughed out loud. How well we remember / understand. ;) Did you get economy plus? And OOOOHHHH will we be praying for that LOOONG flight home. Hope the rest of the journey goes well and is uneventful.