January 9, 2013

Unopened gifts

There were just a few extra gifts under the tree this year at our (many) Christmas celebrations.

Meili didn't get a lot, since we aren't 100% sure what size she is. But she managed to come out with a few things.

This has to be almost the tiniest little apron I've ever seen. But she's pretty tiny, so it will probably fit perfectly.

Everyone gets new jammies for Christmas. We think we have enough clothes to take to China for her, but we needed one more pair of pajamas.

When we thought we were traveling in February, we figured she'd need these. Maybe not so much in March? It's not quite as cold as here, but still chilly.

The care package we sent her should have arrived on Christmas Eve. We're hoping she received at least SOMETHING from it. 

It was odd to unwrap gifts for her, having never even seen her. 
Next year should be a different story :)


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    1. I don't know. Grandma got it at a craft show though, so it must be someone local.