January 18, 2013

Our Adoption Timeline

I should have done this a long time ago. It's mostly for our benefit, so we can remember these important dates, but also for anyone else who's interested (and knows what all these things mean!)

Formal Application: 10-31-2011
Home Study Completed: 2-29-2012
I800A: 5-29-12
DTC: 7-10-12
LID: 7-20-12
Referral: 9-25-12 (Keira's Birthday!)
LOI: 10-3-12
PA: 9-28-12 (My Grandpa's Birthday!)
LOA: 10-29-12
I800: 11-19-12
NVC: 11-29-12
I800A Supplement 3: 12-11-12
A5 Drop: 1-8-13
A5 Pick up: 1-22-13
TA: 2-7-13 (16 days after A5)
Leave for China: 2-20-13
Adoption Day: ?
Consulate Appt: 3-6-13

We've recently learned there is a now a decent chance we may still be able to make it in February! We'll know more soon. In the mean time, keep praying!


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