January 11, 2013

Favorite Friday #2: Green & Blacks

I eat very few sweets.

Almost none really, unless I'm at my parents house. They always have goodies and I don't know about you, but for some reason, all bets are off when I'm at my parents. Sometimes you just need Mom's cooking, you know?

But at home, we keep it to a bare minimum....organic lollipops for the kids as a special treat and usually some gum from Grandma. That's it.


I will admit, I have a chocolate stash.

Not just any chocolate, mind you.

This chocolate:

One of my main issues with most sweet treats is the sugar content. I try reasonably hard to avoid refined sugar. But even more than that, we try to avoid GMO's. I'm seriously not a fan of those (as I discussed in this post). Unfortunately, about half of the sugar in the US comes from sugar beets, 95% of which are genetically modified. Unless a product says "pure cane sugar," there's a very good chance it contains beet sugar and therefore, is genetically modified.

Buying organic chocolate is just about the only way to ensure you're not buying a GM product. If you've been eating REAL FOOD for even a short while - maybe a week or more - you've probably noticed that foods taste different than they used to. Real foods begin to taste more flavorful and fake foods...more FAKE.

Good quality organic chocolate just tastes better. If you don't believe me, do a side by side comparison with a Hershey's bar and see for yourself.

The ingredients are simple: chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa, raw cane sugar & vanilla extract.
There's nothing that shouldn't be in chocolate - like soy lecithin (GMO!) or artificial flavors like you'll find in other chocolates.

Unfortunately, quality chocolate costs more too. You don't get this bar for 75 cents in the checkout line! It could get pricey if you munched on these too quickly. Luckily for me, Green and Blacks has a special feature:

They are conveniently divided into 27 little squares (yes, some of mine are missing). And THAT is my favorite, because somehow (I'm still not sure how) those little squares must do something to suppress my cravings so I'm able to eat just one per day. That comes out to just a smidge more than one bar per month.

I can afford that. Unless of course Jon or the kids find my stash. Make sure you hide it well.

I prefer the 85% dark chocolate. It's just so absolutely smooth and delicious. Plus the darker the chocolate, the more cocoa solids it contains, and cocoa solids happen to flavanols - healthy compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

So there! It's healthy too! (Nevermind that cranberries and green leafy vegetables have flavanols as well. If you can get them from chocolate, then why not?!).

Recently, I discovered that the Green & Black's label is owned by Kraft. This disappoints me. I hate to find out that huge junk-food producing mega companies own the smaller organic/health food labels because it  seems like it always becomes "all about the money." And usually less about the quality of the product, ethical production practices and consumer concerns. But until I have time to do my research to find a smaller, family owned company that produces a bar with a price I can afford, Green & Blacks will do nicely.


  1. Have you ever seen the milk chocolate bars here in town? I read another blog that talked about this chocolate once and I looked at HyVee and Walmart and the only kind available was dark chocolate, and I really don't like dark chocolate. I don't make it to the store much (my mom does the shopping--too difficult for me to walk that long) so I haven't checked again. I am not sure if the stores were sold out of everything else, or if they only carry the dark chocolate. It was right before Halloween when I checked.

    1. The flavors tend to rotate at both HyVee and WalMart... but I'm pretty sure I've seen Milk chocolate frequently at WalMart. Definitely keep checking!