January 4, 2013

Favorite Friday #1: Barefoot Running & FiveFingers

If you recall last year (see this post if you don't), you know that I try not to make resolutions. 
However, one thing I would like to accomplish this year is to blog more regularly. I won't call it a resolution, because then if I don't do it, it won't seem like I failed!

A while back, one of the blogs I follow started a "Favorite Friday" where she posted about her favorite things, whatever they were. I enjoyed it, so in hopes of getting at least one post per week in, I thought I'd try it too.

So, here goes week #1!!

Starting a more natural diet several years ago quickly led to "branching out" into other areas where I discovered "natural is better." It included things like soap, toothpaste and clothing material. 

And barefoot running.

Enter the Vibram FiveFingers.

Yes. They are totally weird looking. And look even weirder on your feet. And are very controversial among those who consider themselves specialists in the 'mechanics of running.'

It was actually Jon who tried them first a couple years ago and after wearing them for several months, he was completely sold. I decided since he didn't hate them, they might be worth a try. I researched a bit and came to a couple of conclusions:

1. God likely did not create our feet to NEED $130 running shoes to function properly. Every part he created perfectly for it's specific purpose and feet are for walking and running.

2. Nearly everyone suggests that it's best to let babies walk barefoot first, then in soft, pliable shoes until there's a need for a heavier shoe. That point always comes because of the elements (cold, rough surfaces, etc.), not because of the child's foot.

Those two points were enough to convince me to buy a pair (on a huge sale, of course!)

This was my first pair of FiveFingers - the Sprint. They've been well worn and I loved them, except that bits of gravel used to get in because they're so open.

The Vibram sole still looked pretty good after more than a year and many miles of wear.

 Jon bought me a new pair of Bikila's for Christmas.

I'm loving them so far. Although they've only been at the gym and not outside yet, I expect they'll keep the gravel out much better.

Love that Vibram sole!! 

Even Jon's still look pretty good after almost 3 years.

Yes. You will need to learn to run differently.
With no cushioning, you realize how painful it really is to heel-strike. I can actually feel it in my knees. They force you to become a forefoot striker. You will feel the burn in your calves for many, many runs until your muscles adjust accordingly. Vibram actually recommends starting out wearing them 1/4 mile at a time first and working your way up over a period of six or more months.

Jon and I have both noticed much stronger foot muscles and Jon now has no pain in his feet (prior to FiveFingers he could barely walk in the mornings).

If you're interested in barefoot running, here's a little blurb with tip-of-the-iceberg info:

Or just google "benefits of barefoot running."

So there you have it! Favorite Friday #1...Vibram FiveFingers!

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  1. I am fascinated by those. I've been hearing people talk about them for years now. I couldn't wear them due to my severe neuropathy. Kind of makes me sad because I think they would be interesting to wear, even just to walk around in. My brother runs and he looked into getting a pair of these once, but I don't think he has yet.