January 3, 2013

A new New Years tradition

This probably looks like a Pinterest idea. I feel like everything anyone does any more comes from Pinterest. I've purposely decided to limit my time on that site because every amazing idea makes me feel like just a little more of a failure. I've pinned a few things, but I try to limit it to things I might actually accomplish. 

Really, was it ever so bad to just be a regular person, who maybe once or twice a year has a decent idea of their own? Do I really need to make baskets and picture frames out of all my old t-shirts?


So this was NOT my once-a-year great idea. I totally swiped it off a blog, which is really probably no better than taking it from pinterest. But whatever. I like it, and I actually DID it, so that's what counts, right?

The original post for this idea can be found HERE. (And by the way, that blog is a.w.e.s.o.m.e! Even though my strict real-food-at-home standard doesn't allow me to make much from there anymore, it's still amazing. And so is their cookbook. So take a peek.)

I can definitely get on board with good ideas that are easily and quickly implementable, inexpensive and fun for my family. 

Enter, the New Years Tree!

Since I had to take all the decorations off anyway, why not get one more celebration out of it?
I bought 3 packages of streamers for 89 cents each and a bag of balloons for $1.99
We stripped the tree and decorated it while the kids were asleep so that it looked this way when they woke up on New Years Eve Day.

Three of the fifteen balloons were filled with a $1 bill, three had quarters, three had a piece of chocolate and the rest had kid jokes.

Since we don't let them stay up until midnight, (if you know my youngest daughter, you understand that her+treats+overtired = MAYHEM) we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate. On the New Years Day, they get to pop the balloons and find the "treasures."

They LOVED it. And we actually really enjoyed seeing how each child chose to pop their balloons. We had one who just tried to manually destroy it.

One who ever-so-carefully popped it with a toothpick...

And one who just stabbed that thing!

We had a great time. They even loved the cheesy jokes.

How do you catch a unique bird?
Unique up on it!!

That was my favorite ;)

I think it's safe to say we will be 'borrowing' this idea again next year!


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