December 21, 2012

To: Meili, From: Your Family

Now that we are through all the "official" stuff and are just waiting on paperwork for our travel to China, we have the opportunity to send a package to Meili. If you've kept up with the blog, you'll recognize the little lamb from this post. Browsing around on all my various blogs, yahoo and facebook groups, people suggest ALL kinds of things to send in care packages. However, our agency was quite specific about what should be sent. Apparently, keeping it pretty simple increases our chances of Meili actually receiving it.

It was a bit of a process to get everything gathered and ready.

The first item was Little Lamb. We snuggled with him every night so he smells like us. He's got a soft blankie and he's cute. I REALLY hope the orphanage staff gives him to her. For some reason, I really feel like he could help with the transition when we come to get her. If it doesn't seem like too odd of a prayer request, could you pray that she actually receives this little guy? It's the closest thing to us she'll have until we're actually there.

Next, we included a disposable camera.

This is for the orphanage staff to use to take pictures of her. I didn't even know they made these anymore! I had to pay $15 for it!! I thought that seemed like a lot for such old technology. Ideally, they would return this to us when we pick Meili up and we'd have some images that give us a glimpse into what her life was like before she was with us. Thankfully, we already have pictures and video from the wonderful family who shared them with us. But more would certainly be appreciated.

Third, we included a photo album. The agency specified a "soft" photo album. I learned those are quite hard to find. So we took a not-so-soft one and I made it soft by adding some extras that conveniently provide a little additional sensory input as well.

They were also specific on what should be included in the album.

A family picture, appropriately labeled.

A picture of siblings and pets, labeled as well. We also included individual pictures of each of our kids with their names and ages.

We were really living on the edge here....a "home" picture wasn't on the list. But I think it's kind of important!

Everything had to be translated into mandarin. A wonderful woman named Li helped us with that project. She's Chinese but has lived in America for over 20 years. It was so much fun to chat with her and we REALLY appreciated her help!

We included a letter that explained the items we were sending. This also needed to be translated into Mandarin.

Li helped us with that too! Thank goodness.

Keira decorated the box. By herself. When I wasn't watching. It was pretty darn cute.

I wrapped it in red. Because everything important in China is in RED. I was hoping this might also increase our chances of it getting delivered. Red symbolizes good fortune and joy in China. It is used abundantly during celebrations, gatherings and holiday events. If it is important, it is red.

Ready for delivery! It cost $44 to get it to China.
Estimated date of delivery?

Christmas Eve.

Wouldn't that be appropriate?

It is very common for children to never receive the care packages they are sent. This is probably due to a number of reasons; a few include:
1. Nannies who are overworked and don't have time/energy to manage one more thing.
2. When one child gets something "special" other kids want it and it causes problems so it's easier to just never give them anything.
3. It gets thrown into the pile of things that "need to get done" but never get done.
4. They receive the gifts initially, but other children snatch them up quickly and they disappear.

We may never see any of these items again. But we would be so happy if we did. Please pray that Meili will receive this gift. Not because we want her to have "things," but because we want her to see our faces and smell our home and get just a hint of what's to come, even if it's minuscule.

Our son prays every night that for God to "help Meili to know she has a family" and we're trying our best!


  1. Jon and Virginia, this is so nice. We did the same for Kes and we did get the little book back. I have something for you at my shop - stop by before you head to China - so that you can use it while you are there.
    Carol & Jeff Jung

  2. Thanks Carol! We really appreciate your and Jeff's support!