November 14, 2012

We've got mail!

We had a couple fun surprises here today.

The first one came in my morning email. A family we've been in contact with was able to visit Meili's orphanage because they just adopted a little girl from the same one. There was 5 wonderful pictures and an update written in ENGLISH!

I didn't have much experience with Yahoo groups prior to this adoption, but WOW - they have been helpful! There is a group for almost EVERYTHING! I belong to one for people adopting toddlers from china, one for parents of adopted children from China with the same special need as Meili, and one for parents who have adopted or are adopting children from her orphanage. I was able to connect with this special family through the orphanage group. They picked up their daughter just a couple days ago, and today were granted permission to go to the orphanage.

Even with the stress/excitement of their new daughter, trying to capture pictures and video for her, and having to use a translator, they were able to ask a couple questions about Meili and get some really great pictures for us. What a blessing! We are so grateful to them for being willing to do this. AND, we know these pictures are recent!
Here's our little peanut as of today:

They also included a couple pictures and description of the orphanage. It's so bleak, empty and cold. They said it has 3 rooms, two with cribs lined up against all the walls and one full of wooden high chairs. That's it. Hard wood floors and dirty white walls with some colorful stickers. No toys. No soft carpet to crawl on. You can see the floor and the bottom of one of the dirty walls in the picture above. That's about what the rest of it looks like.

Despite this, they also said the caretakers seemed like they genuinely cared about the children. I SO hope this is true!

The second great surprise came in our "snail mail."

I had mentioned in THIS post that our little girl had some crazy hair and some cute hats might be in order. A talented friend from high school took this to heart and sent us a wonderful gift!

Aren't they adorable!! We were just absolutely thrilled to receive these! It's the first gift anyone (besides grandparents) has given Meili!

Here's the best part:
We currently have purchased (or Grandma has purchased) three outfits for Meili. My friend who sent the hats had no idea what the outfits looked like, and didn't ask me for any color suggestions.
And here's what we ended up with:

And this is the outfit I was hoping to buy as a "coming home" dress...

...which I thought went pretty well with this one:

Seriously, could they match any better?!?
(Can God work through hats?! :) )

Thanks TM and SR for sending us mail that made our day!


  1. How awesome! And yes- God can and will work through hats :) Praise Him for knowing how the little things mean so much!

  2. Meili is beautiful! Can't wait until we are where you are :) About to finish our home study. Where did you find that beautiful coming home dress?
    If you could tell me what yahoo groups you belong to I would greatly appreciate it!!
    XO Erin

    1. Erin - the dress is from Etsy. Here's a link to the most active yahoo group:
      This group advocates for waiting children in China. They are extremely knowledgeable. The other VERY helpful group was one that was specifically for parents of Chinese adopted children with Meili's special need. You can find ones for just about every need so if there are a couple you are especially interested in you can join those and ask questions.