October 30, 2012

Jehovah Jireh

I could write a very long post (or a SERIES of several posts!) about God's provision throughout our adoption process. And I probably will soon, because it's all just too great not to share.

But at the moment, I just have tell a quick little story.

One year ago tomorrow is the day we started this journey. In that year, we've been able to pay cash for every part of the process, without dipping into our emergency fund. We've probably paid slightly over HALF. Nearly everything we've paid for up to this point has been stateside - we've paid almost nothing to China. The remainder of our expenses will be travel costs, food, mandatory $5000 orphanage donation, etc. Basically everything in China.

Since they're telling us we will likely travel in January, that leaves THREE MONTHS to raise about 45% of our expenses. It took 1 year to raise 55%.

We were freaking out about this just a little.

Then the mail came. And our gracious God had sent us a little "note."

If you know of Steven Curtis Chapman, you've probably heard of his adoption ministry, ShowHope.
ShowHope decided to give us a grant for $3000!!


To be honest, I haven't even read through all of it yet. I don't know if I need to. The grant and the letter is from ShowHope. But God's message is clear...I know he was saying to us:

"Why do you doubt me? I've brought you this far, and I'll help you finish." 

Thank you, Jehovah-Jireh.

Translated, Jehovah-Jireah it means "the Lord will provide."

I absolutely LOVE the different names of God and how they each show us a different aspect of who He is. He knows exactly what need. Our early travel dates are not a surprise to him! What God calls his people to do, he equips them to accomplish. Over and over through this process we've been continually reminded that our Lord has given us everything we need to complete this work.

Not for our glory, but for HIS.


  1. That is awesome.. The Lord does provide...

  2. So excited about this wonderful news!!! Can't wait to meet your new "little"one!