October 16, 2012

And we wait...

I should be sweeping my floor right now.

Or organizing. Or cleaning the toilet that needs it OH SO BADLY. Or catching up on emails. Or working on church projects. Or a million other things.

But instead I find myself "accidentally" at my computer to check some one-little-thing and it turns into reading adoption blogs or checking in with my yahoo adoption groups. Or sometimes, occasionally, looking at cute outfits that I might consider taking to China for our new little one. Or trying to figure out what the current average time between LOI (letter of intent) and LOA (letter of acceptance) is.

I think it's safe to say I'm fairly distracted.

We're in wait mode right now. We've sent our LOI for our little sweetheart and are now waiting for our LOA. This step takes anywhere from about 30-150 days, with an average of about 60-70 days. Any way you look at it, it's a good, long while. As much as we'd like to believe that the beautiful little girl in the picture is ours, anything can happen - until we get our LOA. Once we receive that, the chances that we'll be able to bring her home become very, very good.

So many people ask us about the process, where we are, what's next, etc. I happened to run across this little image today and I thought it might help some of you visualize it a bit.

(For us, Homestudy agency and Adoption agency are the same, so those could just be combined.)

Underneath step 7, you could add - 7a. Receive Referral, 7b. Send LOI. Therefore we are currently waiting on STEP 8, if that helps. This particular step is the one that we're expecting to take about 60-70 days to complete, starting last week. So that puts us at about another 53-63 days. Roughly.

So far, this wait has been the hardest. Because if we do not receive LOA, not only will we not be able to adopt our little one, we will not be able to adopt from China at all

I wonder if God is getting tired of me asking for "guidance and patience" yet....

When we DO receive LOA, then the fun begins! We can share all our information about our little one (maybe I'll just call her "Little One" until then), including pictures, and hopefully we'll have some updates on her by then as well.

You can see that there are SEVERAL steps after the one we're waiting for. The time between each of these steps can be weeks. In addition to going through all the paperwork, the mailing time alone really adds up. This is one reason why (if everything goes as planned) we won't be able to bring her home for another 6-8 months. 

We're trying, Little One...we're trying!

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  1. :) Still praying. Waiting isn't easy, but I pray that God really uses this time to prepare your family as well as "Little One" for what is hopefully coming! :)