October 19, 2012

A Lamb for Little One

Jon and I have a deal when it comes to adoption process...
He makes the money.
I do the paperwork and research.

Well, he does SOME paperwork and research too. And I make SOME money. But in general, it's definitely my job to filter through the loads of information out there in an attempt to become as prepared as possible for bringing Little One home. And filter I do!!! Loads and loads, hours and hours of researching and filtering. Then filling Jon in on the most important and helpful tidbits of information. Then doing it again and again, over and over. Not that I mind...I love learning everything I possibly can. So I was pretty darn surprised when Jon came up with an idea that not only had I not thought of, but one that I had not even heard of!!.

We often ask God to somehow prepare Little One's heart for becoming part of our family, while wondering what we can do half a world away to help her get to know us.

This is where Lambie comes in.

Jon suggested that we actually sleep with a stuffed animal, so that in a few months when we send Little One a care package, she can have something that smells like us.

Kids who've lived their whole lives in orphanages often have attachment issues. And understandably so. There are just too many kids for the caretakers to meet ALL of their needs, and so they learn not to rely on anyone. Then they get handed off to some complete stranger who looks and smells differently, speaks a foreign language, eats strange food and takes them to a strange place. If something with our scent could help her even the tiniest bit, it would be worth the effort.

We were going to buy something new. Then when I was getting a bag of stuffed animals ready to take to church to donate to kids in Guatemala, I discovered little Lambie.

Our oldest son received him for a baby gift, 8+ years ago.

He was well loved.

Very well loved...

I just couldn't give him away. He's had over eight years to pick up the scent of the Sprang household, and his paws (hooves?!?) stick together because he's a praying lamb. He used to say his own prayer, but unfortunately that part of him doesn't work anymore.

But, Lambie's little praying feet will remind us to pray for Little One every night.

And maybe he can take those prayers to China with him!


  1. Love it :)

    I never quite understood the fascination with lambs for babies. I understand from a Christian perspective, but for most of my life I thought it was a strange thing to give a baby. Now I love the symbolism behind a lamb. I love the Woolly baby products--have you seen them? I am thinking about getting this for my best friend's baby girl who should be arriving in December:


    1. No Sarah, I hadn't heard of those...they are cute though! I LOVE this one: http://www.dayspring.com/really_woolly_baby_plush_stackable_rings/?green=AA7EAD1E-16F1-5F39-A04B-1F538BA6651A

    2. :) I love that, too. So many cute things for babies! My best friend has a 1 1/2 year old boy and is due with a little girl in December and my stepsister who lives in Brookings is having a baby boy early next year. I go crazy when someone I know has a baby--I just LOVE baby things. Clothes, toys, all of it! Since I'm not able to have children of my own right now (hopefully someday), I love spoiling and loving the ones I know. :)

  2. I work in the NICU, and since our babies are mostly in incubators we give the parents a small blankie or snuggly thing to sleep with for a few nights and then bring back. We tuck it in with the babies so they can smell mom and dad :) It is such a great concept!
    PS, so excited for you! Can't wait to be where you are <3

    1. Thanks Erin, I'm glad to hear that hospitals practice this! It's encouraging to hear that it's actually helpful :)