September 28, 2012


If you're one of the people I've crossed paths with this week, forgive me if I seemed a little distracted. So much has been going on, and after our experience last month, we wanted to make sure this was the real-deal before we started getting other people involved in our emotional rollercoaster. But that involved keeping everything that was going on stuffed inside, and I'm not sure I did that too well!

The waiting child matching occurred last Monday night. Truthfully, we didn't think much about it this month; still recovering a bit from last month, we weren't expecting anything. We didn't hear anything Monday night, which we did think was strange. Typically, you receive a message letting you know if you haven't been matched. And of course, you get one if you are matched as well. Since we got nothing, I sent a message on Tuesday morning to just check in. Shortly afterward, we received a phone call from our agency.

They DID have a match!

Let me tell ya - one thing that is HARD, is hearing you have a match, but waiting for the file to get ready and show up in your email! It takes a few hours. Last month, I just sat at the computer constantly pushing "refresh." This month, I realized that was ridiculous and kept myself busy running errands.

When it finally did show up we read through the text version before looking at pictures. What we read indicated that she'd be a pretty great match for our family. After looking at the pictures, we were hooked.  The last few days have looked much like they did last month - filled with calling doctors offices, faxing papers, doing research, checking our finances, etc. She's just a little peanut, younger than we expected, and she'll have some catching up to do. But we're so excited about this little sweetheart, that it's hard not to share!

Unfortunately, we can't share much else about her for a couple reasons.
One - it's against agency regulations. And we definitely don't want to do anything to jeopardize our chances of bringing her home!
Two - this one is the big one. Last week right before the matching, we received word that China is changing some regulations. Even though our paperwork is already in China, it hasn't been reviewed yet. There was an issue with our home study regarding these new regulations. We were required to have our agency immediately send an addendum to our home study or risk being ejected from the China program. Of course, the addendum was sent right away. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee they will honor it. We have every reason to believe they WILL, but until our dossier is through review and we have a LOA (letter of acceptance), there are no guarantees. We would so appreciate prayer for this issue! This is why we didn't receive news of our referral right away. Our agency wanted to make sure we were OK with proceeding, even though there is a chance our dossier might still be rejected. Please pray the Chinese government will look favorably on our addendum and allow us to move forward!

We truly believe God has guided us through every aspect of this process so far and we continue to trust in his plan for our little one. It is definitely difficult trying to avoid falling in love with her in case it doesn't work out. We're just praying that by God's grace, we'll be able to bring her home SOON!


  1. How exciting. Saying lots of prayers for your family, for the process, and for the little girl in China... :)

  2. Oh my gosh SOO excited for you!! You all are definitely covered in prayer :) Keep us posted! Can't believe it happened so fast, this gives me GREAT hope!