July 10, 2012

Dossier to China!!!

Today we have some great news! Our dossier made it through the authentication process and our agency has approved it. We are Dossier To China (DTC) as of today, July 10, 2012! Everything will be shipped to China today and should be there in about 2-3 days. Once there, the dossier will be translated, reviewed and logged in, giving us a log-in date (LID). This process takes about 4 weeks, but once we get a LID, we're eligible for a referral!

Having a LID by August would make us eligible for referral when the September list comes out. It's just a little bit hard to believe that we're finally done with the majority of the paperwork and actually getting to the part where we'll learn who our new addition will be.While it's almost certain it will take a few months to get a referral, it's still exciting to be in the stage where that's the next big event. I'm honestly hoping it will take at least a few months, because that will give us time to raise the needed funds for the referral fee and the post-placement report fees that are due at the time of referral. The paperwork is done, unfortunately the bill-paying is not!

We covet your prayers for this new little one, whoever they may be, while we wait for our LID and referral. Specifically, we're praying that the Lord would somehow prepare her for meeting her new family and leaving her old life behind. And also for our children, to prepare to willingly and lovingly accept their new sibling.

We're getting closer!


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