June 5, 2012

Getting closer...

Last Saturday, we received our USCIS approval! This was the last form we needed before we could move on to the next step. Today I'll be sending eleven pieces of paperwork (and a check, because you always need money to get something done in this process!) to the South Dakota secretary of state for authentication. Each document needs to be authenticated in the state it originated from. So we already sent two others for authentication - a birth certificate to Minnesota and our marriage certificate to Florida.

I received the one from Minnesota yesterday and expect the Florida one to be here this week. If I overnight the South Dakota forms, we may be able to get them back by this week as well, which would mean we could SUBMIT OUR DOSSIER!!

We are getting very close to being done with this VERY large chunk of paperwork. Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting and praying for us during this process!


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