April 10, 2012

Home study approved!


It took a full three months.

But we now have home study approval!

Three completed copies are on their way to our house. One for our records, one for the dossier, and one for  USCIS.

This is a VERY good thing, because now we can move forward. We'll start by filing the I800-A (USCIS), which is approval from the the US government for us to adopt. We can also start on the dossier paperwork, and the formal application for Bethany's Waiting Child China program.

We also got the bill for the home study. Ouch! It was completely expected, but still, it's the first REALLY big bill we've had to pay since we started the process. Praise the Lord - He is faithful and has provided abundantly for us...this one is covered!

Prayers are appreciated as we move on to the next set of paperwork and continue saving for the next set of expenses.We appreciate everyone's support SO much! Thank you!


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