April 19, 2012


I debated for a while whether or not I should write this post.

Not because I didn't want to, but because I'm still trying to figure out what details I'm OK with sharing with the entire online world.

However, I've found that when I read blogs written by others (especially adoption blogs), that it's when they're open and transparent that I can relate with them and learn from their experiences.

And sometimes, God just does something so cool, that it would be a shame not to share it.

When we started the adoption process in November, we had $0 in our adoption fund. We did have a fully funded emergency fund (which we consider about 4-6 months of living expenses) and some money in investments that we could get out if we really needed to, but absolutely nothing allocated toward adoption expenses. Jon was pretty nervous about this, which was a switch for us because usually I'm  the nervous one and he's completely calm and collected. But we both believed the timing was right to begin the process.

We spent several days praying about it and I really felt God was asking us to trust that he would provide. Being a type-A, I-need-everything-planned-out personality, I usually have a very difficult time with taking a giant leap and having faith that that God will take care of the details. But once again, He made it abundantly clear that that was what He wanted. I decided to bring it up to Jon and not-so-surprisingly, he had the same experience.

Earlier that week, he had done a study on 2 Kings 3:9-20. In these verses, four kings and their men have been marching through the wilderness for seven days and have run out of water. They call upon the prophet Elisha to help them. Elisha says "Dig ditches all over this dry stream bed. You will not see any rain or wind, but they will be filled with water." The next morning, water flows in and fills the ditches. And (I love this part) Elisha says in verse 18, "This was an easy thing for the LORD to do."

We had a ditch to fill. God was asking us to trust him to fill it.

We both earn extra income from side-job type things that we do: Jon's photography and my graphic design work. So we decided that all income from those two things would go toward the adoption fund. Little by little, we began adding a few dollars here and a few there to the big envelope on our fridge marked "ADOPTION." A few people gave us gifts to add to the envelope, once in a while we'd have an extra $5 or $10 that we didn't use on normal weekly expenses that would go in as well. Jon's mom and I had a booth at a craft show, and our tax return went in there too. Any free dollar we had went in the envelope.

Last Thursday, we received our completed home study copies. Included with the copies was our invoice for the first set of LARGE bills. This included the home study fees, mileage for the home study visits and adoption fees in the US.

The total amount was $8565.00.

Jon went to our office to work on the budget and total up all that we had in our adoption fund.
He came upstairs smiling. "I have goosebumps" he said.

We had $8575.00

Ditch filled. And an extra $10 for good measure.

Thank you Lord!

When God calls us to do something even though circumstances make it look impossible, what should our reaction be? How can we expect to see God move if we never give him room to act? I imagine the kings men weren't thrilled about digging ditches in the scorching wilderness with no water, but they were obedient to God and did it anyway, trusting him to provide. Obedience comes first and prepares us for what God has in store. God miraculously provided massive amounts of water. And Elisha said "This was an easy thing for God."  If that was easy we definitely should be able to trust him with our measly $8500 bill.

All of you who've let Jon snap pictures of your families, or had me help with a small design project, or just given a little extra, thank you. You were part of the plan. Thank you for letting the Lord work through you.

As you can see, every bit was very important.


  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I am already praying for this sweet child God is preparing for the Sprang home! Thank you also for that encouraging story! You guys truly are changing lives by sharing this. I could go on and on right now because the LORD is so clearly at work here and that just puts a burning in my heart!


  2. Virginia - Thanks so much for sharing this. The Lord is surely blessing your family for being obedient and faithful (and also very hard working!) :)

  3. Wonderful! So glad I found your blog through Raw Milk on Facebook! Just wanted to say, I am an adoptive parent to a wonderful young lady. She will be 25 this August. She has given us one awesome grandson and one more little peanut is on the way too! We received her from the hospital when she was 5 weeks old and she had recuperated from emergency stomach surgery. It was such a God thing! We adopted her with a mere $1,000 which even then was a small amount. God was faithful to us!
    One thing I would advise if I may. Pray, pray, pray. For relationship bonding as soon as you touch your child or make eye contact. Transfer that "God love" to him/her. Take authority over any trauma which the child may have gone through, even if they are a baby. Stand in and repent and renounce for any generational sin or iniquities the child may have in the blood line. Take care of these things first. I wish I would have had this advice years ago. Some stuff followed our daughter and made things difficult for us all. However, the adoption experience was awesome! I cannot tell you how much we love our daughter and I so often forget that she is even adopted! :) Blessings to you! Hope I haven't been too bossy! Linda

    1. Thanks Linda! No, you weren't too bossy. I don't think you can pray enough in an adoption situation! Sometimes, with how long it takes, it's hard to remember to do it consistently though. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. What an amazing story. I feel like we are mirroring you, several months later! Including the type A stuff ;) Keep up the posts!!!