March 25, 2012

Meet Madie

I was going to introduce Madie after I finished the "Why we want to adopt - part 2" post, because our reasons for adopting and having her here go hand in hand. However, we've been really busy lately and I haven't had time to finish that one yet. But Madie and I had a fun time tonight concocting an interesting thing she discovered on Pinterest, so we decided we should introduce her now.

Madie has been living with us since August (2011). We've enjoyed having graduate student-age kids live with us on several occasions, but Madie is the first high schooler. And while we've discovered that having a high schooler is quite a bit different than a college age-er, we're really enjoying having her here.

Two years ago, Madie was living Roseville, MN and playing hockey there. And she plays REALLY well. Then her family had to move to Iowa, and Iowa isn't *quite* as excited about hockey as Minnesotans are. So through a series of events, she ended up getting connected with the Brookings hockey team and considered moving up here to play for them, hoping to have a better shot at playing in college. But she needed somewhere to live. That's where we came in.

Madie doesn't not share our affinity for Real Food. In fact, just the opposite. She's totally OK with her Lean Pockets and microwavable EasyMac (the sight of which makes me CRINGE). At first I felt a little bad about this, since she didn't eat much at all. But I eventually decided since we warned her about it before she moved in, she knew what she was getting into.

But she found this little recipe on Pinterest, and we decided we just had to try it. I figured the only way I could blog about it was by introducing her first and blaming it on her (you'll take the hit, right Madie?). So this is totally NOT "Outside the store-bought box." But it was kind of fun to make. And it was right up Madie's alley.

What do you get when you mix Oreos and chocolate chip cookie dough?
And form the cookie dough around the Oreo...

And bake...
Yes. It's an Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie. It was HUGE. And I had to try one. And then, I felt it's wrath. The Rolaids and I have become reaquainted.

Madie ate two. And I think she loved every minute of it :)

Ni Hao Yall

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