February 5, 2012

Home Study Visits Complete!

Last Thursday was our third and final home study visit. Water temps were checked, fire extinguishers located, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors tested, guns inspected and bedrooms discussed. After it was all said and done, we're pretty sure it was determined that our home was safe for child.

While I completely understand why we have to go through such a process, it still just strikes me as being completely ridiculous in some ways. We literally had to pay thousands of dollars for the agency to interview, question and inspect us and our home...just to determine whether or not it's a safe and appropriate place to raise a child. And all the while, we have three healthy, intelligent, well-adjusted children living here with us. Ugh...

It's hard not to yearn for a simpler, quicker and cheaper process when there are SO MANY children waiting for a family to love them. But the long process and high costs keep many children out of the hands of those would abuse and exploit them and assures us that when we are finished, our child will be 100% legally and completely ours.

In addition to inspecting our house, our social worker also interviewed our children and Madie. I imagine those were some fairly interesting conversations! I'm not sure how everything on the agency works, but I'm willing to guess that they were especially interested in what Madie had to say. As someone who isn't related to us, but lives in our house and sees our day-to-day lives, she probably gives the most accurate description of what it's like to live here. Hopefully she gave us a positive review ;)

Next our social worker will write up what she's learned into 'report format' and it will be approved by the local office, then sent to the national office. When they approve it, we'll receive a copy to approve, a final draft will be made and we'll have another step done! Immediately upon receiving the completed version, we'll send the I800-A (we need the home study report for this) to the government. And then, I will be madly applying for every adoption grant I can find...so if you know of any, feel free to pass the info our way!


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