February 12, 2012

China It Is!

We've experienced a lot of things so far with the adoption process that are completely new to us emotionally and physically, including but not limited to medical tests, injections, being asked very personal questions by near strangers, checking boxes to determine what type of child we'll accept, training on attachment disorders, etc. None of these are necessarily good or bad, just part of the process.

We've also experienced a few things, that while not exactly new, are certainly good. Supportive friends and family. Financial gifts. Committed prayer partners. And a truly faithful God.

When I first felt God telling me that someday he'd ask us to adopt, I immediately thought "definitely a caucasian child, so they'll fit in." After beginning to pray about it, it didn't take long at all before God made it very clear he had an Asian child in mind for us instead. I continually felt like He was telling me 'China,' but neither of us were closed to the idea of other countries.

Last Fall, when we finally decided it was time to start the process, it was like God opened the door and shoved us through. China has many, many requirements (more than most countries) for prospective adoptive parents; including but not limited to: mental health status, body mass index, income, age, children in the home, length of marriage and net worth. There were three we didn't meet (you can probably guess two!) but the one they will not budge on is age. Both parents MUST be 30. Between January and June (my 30th birthday) of last year, the first two requirements miraculously fell into place, making the day I turned 30 the day we met all the requirements for China.

When we met with Bethany, we discussed all the options, including domestic adoption. By the end, although we qualified for 6 countries, it was easily narrowed down to two that were "good fits." Not surprisingly, China was one. The other was Ethiopia, and they require both parents to travel twice for 2-3 weeks each time, often on very short notice. With three kids at home and limited vacation hours, that just didn't seem like a viable option. And by this time we were so in awe of how God so clearly orchestrated everything for China, we had no reason to consider a different option.

So here we are, trying to learn as much about the Chinese culture, country and people as we can, in between paperwork and waiting. And we're still just amazed at how clearly God led us to this point. And praying that He continues to be clear with us as we choose things like age, special needs and gender, because making decisions is just a lot easier when He's obvious ;)

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  1. Congratulations!! I have the most adorable little 5 year old twin girl cousins from Jianxgi that my cousin and his wife brought home almost 4 years ago. Having gone through that long and excruciating process with them, I'll definitely be praying for your family and your new addition to come!