January 26, 2012

Second Home Study Visit - √ CHECK!

Now we've got two down, one to go!

Today's visit from our social worker for part two of the home study consisted mainly of individual interviews. I have to admit I was a little worried about this. Not because I actually HAVE anything to be worried about, but just because it seems sort of sneaky to interview you back to back with no time to discuss in between. That, and we had to actually leave the house completely while the other person was being interviewed.

Of course, it turned out there was nothing to worry about. Mostly they just 'job interview' type questions like "what are your strengths?", "what are your weaknesses?", etc. And we had to describe each other. This time, Jon did not call me "rigid." :) We were asked if we did illegal drugs, were ever arrested for anything, ever had a previous failed home study, if anything in our past affected our parenting abilities now and how we plan to teach our kids about sex, drugs and alcohol. I guess THAT one did make me think a little!

So really, it wasn't a big deal. Next up is the home inspection and I'm not worried about this at all. Clearly, since we already have three kids living here, I think it's safe. Unless you're Keira and learn how to climb like monkey when you're 15 months old - but even she is still surviving so I think we're good.

However, our kids and our resident teenager will also be interviewed that day as well and I imagine she could get some pretty interesting answers from all of them. This might call for some extra cookie-making and ice cream in the next week... ;)


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