January 9, 2012

Juice Fast - Days 8 & 9

I suppose it's time I talk about the "weight question." I think it's common knowledge that many people who go on a juice fast do so to get a jumpstart on weight loss. Dropping pounds is pretty much inevitable when you're not consuming ANY fats, protein, sugars or carbs (other than what's naturally in fruit). But I want to be clear that I did NOT do this for weight loss. I was pretty happy with my weight, aside from a pound or two leftover from the Christmas season. OK. Got it? Did NOT do this for weight loss.

As of the morning of day 9, I had lost 12 pounds. Jon had lost 13.

I am not sure where it all came from, because although my jeans are fitting more loosely, they aren't fitting -12 pounds loosely. That leads me to believe that at least of a few pounds of it was water weight. It will be interesting to see what happens to the scale after we begin eating real food again. We have a plan to 'ease' back into real food on the days following Day 10. As with any long fast, it's just as important to consider how you come out of it as it is the fast itself. Starting back up with regular food will completely shock your system. Your body will come out of "starvation" mode and move immediately to "hoard" mode and store everything you eat as FAT. We plan to do a couple days of raw fruits and vegetables, probably adding nuts and eggs on the end of the second day, then carbs, dairy, meats, etc.

We started out today with another cranberry combo:
2 apples
6-8 carrots
1 cup cranberries
Delicious as usual!

For lunch, we decided to give the beets another shot. A friend who's a juicing pro, assured us that you just need to use half a beet or so at a time, and mix with a fair amount of carrot juice. We wanted to like them because they're a powerhouse of nutrients. So.....

1 sweet potato
1" piece of ginger
1 beet, peeled
1/4 of an onion
4 carrots (I think we ended up making it 8)

Don't they look pretty? Therefore, they should taste good, right?

It even looks pretty in the glasses.
Was it good? Well.....it was BETTER. But I wouldn't call it 'good.' It was drinkable, and at least we got the nutrients.

I felt really great all day again on day 8; had lots of energy and felt wide awake and alert all day. I also still had symptoms of detoxing, so drank water or herbal tea almost continuously all day. By the end of the day, although completely fine physically, I really began to mentally feel a need for real food.

Yep, the desire for food is definitely here. I'm not necessarily craving anything, just miss the feeling of chewing, swallowing and tasting REAL food. Because of that, we weren't feeling too creative with the juice today. Although we did make a 'treat' for breakfast because I thought maybe it would help me get through the day:
1/2 pineapple
2 oranges
1 mango
Purely fruit, so of course, it was delicious.

Lunch was the cabbage concoction from Day 4, and supper was our fallback carrot/apple/ginger.

Overall, I felt good again today, although slightly weak in the afternoon. I laid down for 10 minutes and afterward felt great. I'm taking it as another sign I'm ready real food again ;)

As I mentioned in the last post, one interesting article I read suggested your body goes in super-healing mode around day 8 or 9 and even works to repair very old injuries. During that time, those muscles may become dull & achy as the body works to repair the damage. I wasn't sure I believed that the healing of old injuries was possible. My mom (a massage therapist) will tell you I have a horrible spot in my middle back; she has worked on it many times without being able to loosen it much. It was an injury from labor during the birth of one of my children, I can't even remember which one. Beginning last night and into today, that spot became VERY achy. I'm not convinced it's healing, but I would be thrilled if it was! So, the jury's still out on that one.

That's it for today! Just one more day to go. All in all, this has been a great experience but I am definitely happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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