January 3, 2012

Juice Fast - Days 1 & 2

It finally arrived over Christmas.
The Omega 8006 juicer. This is the one my hubby has been wanting for several months now, so he was pretty excited when he opened this gift from his parents. We chose this one for several reasons, but mainly because it is a masticating juicer - one characteristic being that it runs at a very low RPM, thus avoiding any temperature increase. This preserves the nutrient and enzyme content giving you the healthiest possible juice.

When we first started talking about getting a juicer, I was all pumped up to do a 10 day juice fast. That was several months ago. I gradually lost interest and mostly forgot about it. But in the mean time, apparently Jon had been contemplating the idea and getting serious about it. So, he declared that starting January 2nd, the 10 day fast would begin! And of course, it's a lot easier to do these types of things together.

That makes yesterday Day 1. Breakfast consisted of carrot/apple juice. We've had that one several times so it wasn't a big deal. We worked up a little more courage for lunch:

One bunch of kale, 2 chunks broccoli, 1 carrots, 1 apple. It wasn't horrible. Jon loved it.
Supper was called "Heart Beet" - 2 beets with tops, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 2 apples and half an onion.

I started getting a headache last night and it continued throughout the day today. This is apparently pretty normal when detoxing. After some pretty rough veggie juices yesterday, we started today out a little easier:

Breakfast: 3 apples, 1 pound grapes (delicious!!)
Lunch: "Parsley Energy" - 1 bunch parsley, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 celery stalk (also delicious!)
Supper: Apple/carrot/orange
Snack: kiwi/orange

Tomorrow we'll focus more on veggies again.

My reasons for attempting a juice fast are twofold; mainly experimentation and detoxification. When juicing fresh fruits and veggies, the nutrients are absorbed into the body within 15 minutes. Without the work of digestion, the body can concentrate on detoxifying and healing.

That just intrigued me. The idea of getting rid of the remnants of all the junk I've eaten (especially over Christmas) sounded a good plan. And as far as experimenting goes, I really wanted to see if only ingesting pure, unadulterated juices would result in clearer skin and a better night's sleep. The jury's still out on those!

Currently, hunger hasn't really been an issue, but I'm really struggling with headaches, which I've discovered is extremely common. My limited research seems to suggest that when the body is able to focus solely on ridding toxins, in begins to pull them out at a much faster rate than normal, often causing headaches, muscle and body aches, and general flu-like symptoms. The body SHOULD adjust itself to this massive toxin reduction by day 3. I am hoping so!

When it's all said and done, Jon and I will have consumed the nutrients in these fruits & veggies (and probably a few more):

Even if I gain nothing else from the experience, the massive amount of nutrients and live enzymes will definitely be a good thing. Day three, coming up!

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  1. Whoops! Wish I would have read this BEFORE I dropped off those spicy chocolate muffins! Sorry. Hope the kids got to enjoy them though. :) LOL Good luck!