January 12, 2012

Juice Fast - Day 10 & BREAK - FAST!

DAY 10
I have to admit, yesterday was a struggle. Not because I didn't feel well or had a lack of energy, but just because I wanted to EAT. To chew and swallow. Just consume real food. I think it was a mental thing. My energy level was still high and I felt great, but by the end of the day, I was just so ready for food (and tired of answering 1 million questions from my 4 year old) that crankiness took over. Jon told me maybe I should take a nap while they were all at church. I resisted and got some of my online adoption training finished instead.

We played it pretty safe all day and used up whatever was left in the fridge for juice. In the evening, my brother (who's visiting from Dallas) came over and we introduced him to juicing. He was brave enough to try a "salad" - spinach, tomato, carrot, celery, radish, and a garlic clove. Even though the garlic smell permeated throughout the entire house, he drank it and delcared it wasn't too bad. I stuck with a safe apple/carrot combo.

All that said, I was thrilled to wake up this morning and be able to eat solid food again. As I said before, it's pretty important how you come out of the fast, so here's what I had:

A small glass of fresh orange/pear juice, a banana and turkish fig. I just had to have something at least a *little* sweet, and turkish figs are the perfect little sweet-tooth satisfier. Plus they're still a fruit so I'm not cheating on my "raw fruit & veggie" day. I think it was the best banana and fig I've ever had! An apple was my snack and lunch will be a green salad with veggies.

I did have a very slight stomach ache about 10-15 minutes after eating as the digestion process started working again, but it went away quickly. A rule of thumb I read was to eat half as much, twice as often when coming off the fast. That way your body can slowly work it's way back into rhythm.

Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged us through the fast! All in all, it really was a good experience, and I would definitely do it again. When it was all said and done, Jon and I both felt better, slept well, learned that we had some serious willpower, and lost 17 &13 pounds, respectively. But I think the greatest lesson learned from the experience was just a renewed sense of the importance of consuming nutrient-dense foods. I feel like in the coming weeks, I'll have a much easier time resisting junk food because it just seems so unappealing right now.

I had wanted to take some time in this post to talk about the way we''ll eat when we're done with the break-in period; Real Food vs. Standard American Diet. We've actually been moving toward 'real food' for several years, and are pretty much fully integrated now. But it's such a long story with so much information, I think it deserves it's own post.

I'll leave you a couple of tips for beginner juicers that we found helpful:

1. To get the widest array of nutrients during a fast, include varying types of fruits and vegetables.  However, try to keep an 80/20 ratio of vegetables to fruits and include lots of greens to get maximum nutrient content and keep sugars at a minimum.

2. Lemons, apples, and cranberries make good additions to veggie juices to add a little sweetness or flavor.

3. Keep the peel on carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, cucumber, ginger, etc., but ONLY if they are organic. You'll save lots of time and won't have to worry about pesticide residue.

4. Serve juices over ice. It just tastes better and seems fresher, especially veggie juices.

5. Serve with a straw. Personal preference, but just seemed like it made the experience more enjoyable.

Happy Juicing!


  1. We are on day 2 of our juice fast and a friend sent me here - ah, to be on the other side of the mountain....

    1. Hi Missy! Hope you're still hanging in there! Day 2 is the worst, for sure! Day 3 was rough, but after that, it was smooth sailing :)