January 7, 2012

Home Study Scheduled!

I've heard that as you progress through the stages of the adoption process, it's wise to continually keep checking on your status, even if you think things are going exactly as planned.

Apparently, those who suggested that are correct. I emailed our agency last week just to make sure I understood the current timeline. Our social worker confirmed that I had, and as soon as they received the fingerprints and two other documents, we'd be set to start the home study. As far as I knew, we were only waiting on the fingerprints.

We discovered that the company that did the drug screen had not sent the results (we did the screening in November) and that we were missing a reference (our reference had never received the form). Two quick phone calls and those forms were both sent back by the end of the day. The next day, our social worker contacted us, assured us she believed we weren't felons and the fingerprints would come back clean, and asked to schedule the home study. We're thrilled to be moving along again!

Our first meeting consists of a 2 1/2 hour interview in our home. It's scheduled for next Friday, January 13th. We fully expect the home study to go smoothly, but we'd appreciate prayer as we start to move through this next phase, if you're willing. We'll be making some big decisions in this part of the process; finalizing the country, age of the child, etc., so there should be more to report soon!


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