January 17, 2012

Home Study Rescheduled

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone we know has been coming down with some sort of illness, including our girls, and our social worker. This means we were unable to complete our first home study visit last week. But, it's been rescheduled for this Thursday, so barring any more nasty colds, hopefully we'll get back on track soon!

We completed four hours of training last Saturday at the Bethany office. Although it was fairly basic as far as material goes, we were able to connect with another couple who was there. We know there are other people going through the same process we are, with the same agency, so it was nice to meet a few of them and hear a little bit about their stories. We were surprised we were the only ones at this training session who were pursuing international adoption. The rest were hoping to adopt an infant domestically.

In visiting with the office coordinator afterward, we learned that they placed so many babies last year, that there were times when they almost didn't have enough families to take them. Praise God that these moms chose adoption and Bethany was able to provide homes for those children!


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