December 15, 2011

Waiting Game - Round 1

A lot of people have asked recently, "Where are you in the process now?" My answer is one that I think is going to become a very common one. "We're waiting."

Even though that answer is pretty un-interesting, I'm glad people keep asking. It reminds me that we're surrounded by people who care about how things are going for us. We're so thankful for everyone who is supporting us on this journey!

So, as for where we are right now.....

We recently became well acquainted with this little sheet:

Thankfully it wasn't because either of us were arrested. We had to have a couple sets of fingerprints taken; one for the state and one for the FBI. We sent the state copy back to Bethany with all our initial paperwork, and the other went to the FBI as part of our background checks. They usually take 6-8 weeks to process. Up until a couple of months ago, they were being moving along quickly (dare I say, "efficient" to describe the government?) and getting them done in LESS than 6 weeks. Now suddenly they're taking the full 8. We sent them the day after Thanksgiving, so unfortunately it looks like we'll be well into January before we get the go-ahead to begin the home study visits. We had hoped to begin the visits before the end of the year, and although our agency said that if you're sure you'll have no record they sometimes will start the visits early, we aren't holding our breath.

So until then, we WAIT. I hear it's something we'll become good at by the end of this process. In the mean time, we filled out an 11 page questionnaire on our childhoods and have 10 hours of required online training to complete.

In this busy season, it's probably OK we aren't having to schedule home visits. Instead we can focus on celebrating our Saviors birth with the crew we already have here.

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  1. We continue to pray for your family, and for the little child that will be fortunate to become a part of your family!!