November 2, 2011

Pictures, anyone?

Most of you know that I lucked out when I picked Jon because he's super-talented in many areas. He's re-shingled our garage and installed our whirlpool tub. He's more than happy to entertain the kids from sunrise until bedtime so I can have a day with my friends. And, he cleans up the kitchen after supper. Every night. Yep...he's pretty awesome.

But, his favorite thing to do is take pictures, especially of people. He believes everyone should be able to have nice pictures of their family and children, and it should be affordable so they can do it often. Because kids change fast.

[Sunday Snapshot Photo Tip: I found a wall downtown with some neat texture, and place my little model next to it.  I would normally have composed this image with him on the right side so the image would show more of the area where he was looking.  However, the wall coming at the camera here made me reconsider and recompose.  I placed a 24" softbox with a Canon 550EX to the left of the camera (note the shadows on the wall behind him) and remotely triggered it with the AWESOME Pocket Wizard Flex TT5, Mini TT1, and AC3 zone controller.  50mm prime lens @ F1.8, 1/640th, ISO 400]

How cute is that little guy? Jon has a knack for capturing the "cuteness" of kids.

There's still some gorgeous colored leaves around and a few nice days left. If you need some pictures taken, Jon would love to do them for you. All the images he gets are yours to take and print however you wish. All for the low price of.......a free-will donation that will go 100% toward our adoption expenses.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Sign us up!!! Let us know what works for Jon.

  2. hey guys, I want some too ...

  3. @DNS As soon as you come back to Brookings Dinesh!!

  4. Wow. I think your husband sounds AMAZING! I love this picture. He did a great job. Absolutely beautiful. Wishing you all the very best with your adoption! Sending many good thoughts. Love, Becky

  5. So cute!
    Stopping by from Ni Hao Y'all! ;)

  6. Soooooo good! I love it! Cute model too!

  7. Love this shot. I immediately thought bumble bee and the texture draws my eye.