November 29, 2011

Divas, Dolls and Beer Bread

I know a lot of REALLY talented people.
One of them is my mother-in-law, Maggie.
I would put her picture {HERE} but she might not speak to me again if I did. So instead, I'll just show off some of her handiwork.

Last year, I was going to throw a princess party for my girls. With the help of my hubby and mother-in-law, my simple idea was morphed into a giant event that involved turning our living room into a castle and princess dresses for every girl who came.

Maggie made about 14 dresses in various fabrics and colors. Enough for each girl to try on several and decide which one they wanted to take home. She absolutely LOVES kids and loves to see them have fun. So she started making more dresses, and pairing them with girly things like beads and rings and tiaras.

And, Divas and Dolls was born. These little ensembles make great Christmas gifts for the little princess in your life. Come see all her creations this weekend at the Gallery of Gifts in Volga on Saturday!

I'll be there too. I have a few creations of my own. Unfortunately, I'm not a seamstress like my mother-in-law. But I am a pretty decent cook. So we'll also have some fun little mixes if you're feeling the urge to bake during this holiday season.

I'm still working out all the details, but I'm hoping there'll be some dips and spread mixes too. I'm currently experimenting with a yummy cinnamon walnut spread.

And if I get REALLY organized, I'll have a super-sweet-and-chocolatey dessert mix too! The Gallery of Gifts event is in the high school gym from 10:00 - 3:00 this Saturday (Dec. 3). There are a few other things going on that day in Volga as well as they begin to celebrate Christmas. For more information, click {HERE}. All of our proceeds from this event will go to our adoption fund. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Feel free to bring any trials by on Friday. I am more than willing to taste test for u!